7 Ways to Get Your Patio Ready For Spring Season

Patio Ready For Spring Season

After the dry, cold, and snuggly evenings of intense winters, spring is almost here (Finally!). The time of the year when you can enjoy the warm bright sun without getting all sweaty and hot. The budding flowers and blooming greens serve an enchanting sight. And what’s a better time to enjoy the outdoors than spring.                                                                                                           Although the white blanket of snow is quite a heavenly view, nothing can beat nature’s colors and greenery. It’s not an understatement that spring is the best and the most awaited time of the year to cherish some quality outdoor time with family. The family dinners and barbeques are usually scheduled in the springtime. It’s quite a busy time for families as everyone is getting together and enjoying the weekends.                                                         Even though the number of exquisite restaurants and hotels is increasing with each passing day, the joy of getting your family together in your home is beyond comparison. We want you to get together and have fun with your family so here are some super-easy and fun ways to get your patio ready for the spring season. We’ll make sure that even when you are alone on your patio, you’ll relish the views of nature. Creating a space in your home with constant comfort will help you connect to inner peace and a room for clear thinking. So, without any further ado let’s get started.

1. Tune-Up Your Garden, First

Getting out of the blanket to take care of the garden is quite a lot to ask in the winters. So, we understand that the garden would be in bad shape. Don’t fret, just take the tools out of the garage. Clean them with soap water and get them ready for use. Make sure that the lawnmower and other electric or gas-operated tools are working just fine. Now bring the tools to action. Trim the trees, pull out the outgrowths and weeds, give your trees a nice shape and move on to mowing the lawn. Plug in the lawnmower and get it all leveled. 

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Once you are done with the cutting and trimming, turn your attention to pest control techniques. A wonderfully awesome evening can be ruined due to the wandering insects, therefore, make sure to employ proper pest control. Make sure that you understand the signs and symptoms of pest infestation. Only then, you can spot and take action properly. Use mosquito and insect repellents for the starters. 

2. Design Your Patio

The patio, sure, is out of the main living space but it should still reflect your personal style and aesthetics. Ask for expert advice or just channel your creative self to contemplate how you want your outdoors to look like. However, for the basics, the outdoors should go in harmony with the interior styling. Put the same attention to your patio as you focus on the living room (or at least half of it). 

To get the patio ready for spring, place a relatively big table for everyone to eat (you can also bring it out only during the family get-togethers or just place it there). Make sure to specify a section where chairs and couches are set. This is the chit-chat area, for everyone to sit and simply hang out in the evening. Also, consider hanging some outdoor curtains to make the patio feel more like a part of the home. 

3. Now Onto Adding Some Planters 

A leveled lawn and trimmed trees offer a wonderful view but the addition of a couple of outdoor planters style up interior space and really are a sight for the sore eyes. So you know, outdoor planters are a bit expensive. However, thankfully we are living in a time where everything can be created on your own. So you can easily DIY an outdoor planter using some really simple everyday things or just paint an old pot and turn it into a super-cool plant accessory.

Add some bright flower plants to the planters and place them randomly at some distance or set them in a systematic arrangement to create harmony. 

4. Bring Your Patio Furniture to Use

It’s time to bring that patio table set out in the open! Take the furniture out of the garage. 

A disclaimer here! The furniture might be down and busted. But instead of hitting the market to get some new patio furniture, revamp your old furniture. Tend the patio table and chairs. Go for a round glass table top replacement. Remodeling costs much less than getting everything new. So go for the cost-effective option. A little effort can turn your otherwise old patio table into a tip-top furniture item. Same is the case for other furniture pieces. You can also replace and remodel on your own.

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5. Light It Up 

Lighting is the key to create the perfect ambiance for a family get-together. Invest in a state-of-art lighting arrangement. It’s not too much to ask. And you can reuse the lights in other parts of the house as well. So it’s a fair deal. 

Use LED lights to light up the trees and hanging lanterns to create a wow-factor. String lights in the patio make a cozy warm feel and highlight the right features of your patio in the dark. 

6. Don’t Forget to Add Some Entertainment Factor

An entertainment factor will enhance the patio and create interest in the whole setting. It can be anything, a snooker table, a hot tub, or a small stage. We would suggest a fire pit. It would deliver the bonfire feel and help you present an eventful evening. 

Make sure to leave enough space around the fireplace for everyone to sit and enjoy the food as well as the family time. 

7. Get Your BBQ Grill Ready

Spring is also considered as the grilling season and true that. Once the weather warms up a bit, we all fire up our grills and invite the family over to enjoy together. So make sure to check your grilling station beforehand. Empty the grill of old ashes, clean it with soap pads and remove the rust (if any). Get your grilling tools together and send the invites. 

Grill and Chill!

It’s time to relish the long-awaited family time. You have earned it. Head over to the market, get some chicken, and grill it. Eat it with your favorite company to your meal even more. Have fun!

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