10 Wonderful & Gorgeous Orchids for Your Home Garden

Gorgeous Orchids for Your Home Garden

Orchids are plants that may look difficult to grow in a home garden setting. They look so delicate and exquisite, that you would think that a sizable amount of fortune is needed to have them maintained in a garden. After all, orchids thrive in exotic environments that can be difficult to replicate in urbanized locations. In reality, these gorgeous flowers are easier to grow. If they’re cared for properly, orchids are some of the best looking plants around. With that said, here are some wonderful and gorgeous  orchids selections for you:

1.   Brassia

This orchid is also called “spider orchid”. It is tagged that way because the petals of its blooms are elongated and spiky that resembles the spider legs. However, this orchid is a genus of 30 to 40 species with numerous hybrids that emit a wonderful scent. 

Remember to water this with tepid water in the morning that will be dry enough to be watered in the afternoon. If you need more tips, then you can go online to find more. Sites like GardenersPath.com also offer vital information on how to take good care of your orchids. 

2.   Bulbophyllum

Bulbophyllum orchid is also known as “Bulbos”(bulb) and “phyllon” (leaf) is considered as the largest in the family, with more than 1,800 species. TO help in pollination, this orchid has a hinged lip that enables the pollination to fall back into the sticky pollina. The infusion of its pseudo bulbs and leaves is believed to ward off witchcraft and sorcery. .

3.   Brassavola

Popular with newbie orchid-lovers and hobbyists for its easy growth patterns and lovely scent in the evening, Brassavola orchids are lithophytes, that attaches themselves to cliffs, rocks and pebbles and sometimes epiphytic, meaning it grows on barks of a tree but never harms them. This easy-yielding orchid enjoys bright lights but not direct sunlight.

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4.   Cattleya

Cattleya orchids are also known as “Queen of the orchids”. This orchid is categorized as one of the more important ones as most. Even Though many say that growing cattleya is a bit of a challenge even for green thumb growers, they still categorize Cattleya as one of the more important orchids. This is because it produces some of the most uniquely-formed and full-colored blooms in the orchid world.

5.   Cycnoches

Cycnoches orchids are abbreviated or nicknamed as “Cyc” in the horticultural field, and are considered by experts as one of the most taxonomically complicated orchid genus. This is due to the fact that Cyc has separate male and female flowers rather than being hermaphroditic like most plants. And the temperature it has grown in usually determines  the sex of this orchid.

6.   Encyclia

Encyclia orchids are also known as “Butterfly orchids”, “Cockshell orchids” and “Upside-down orchids”. Many mistake Encyclia as Epidendrum, but the former has more prominent features than the latter with flowers blooming 1-2” wide on long spikes. Experts say they look like octopuses because of their hanging petals and sepals. What they lack in fragrance they make do with long blooms that could take for months.

7.   Vanda Sanderiana

Vanda Sanderiana is also known as “Sander’s Vanda”and popular in the Philippines as “Waling-Waling” and “Queen of Philippine Flowers”. It is a lattice-like patterned flower that grows on trees with elevation of sea-level. They are more at home in a more tropical and humid environment. They also have very fragrant blossoms.

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8.   Aspasia

Aspasia orchid is abbreviated as “Asp” in horticultural trade. This small genus is widespread in local and tropical Central and South America. The beautiful flowers are predominantly in colors of white, lavender and brown. It will need plenty of water while  growing but once it reaches its maturity it will be needing less.

9.   Dendrochilum

Dendrochilum orchids the name of this genus is from the Ancient Greek word “Dendron” (tree) and “cellos”(lip) or “Chilos” (green food). Many non-traditional fans of orchids are drawn to this plant because of its aesthetic uniqueness. The small and well-proportioned flowers of this plant grows in profusion and arranged in long, hanging and arching way, great for decoration.

 10. Paphiopedilum

Paphiopedilum orchid Is also called “Lady Slipper orchid” or “Venus Slipper”. People call it so because of the pouch-like structure of its flower. This unique flower is epiphytic which means that it grows naturally on the ground and everywhere like trees, barks and plants. 

Place this lovely orchid in a shady place where it will not be sunburn.  To know where to place your “Paph”, always check its species. If it has plain, green leaves, it came from a cooler area, and if the leaves are mottled it is more likely from a cooler area.


Look no further as the list given above is some of the most popular as well as easiest orchids to have in your garden. It does not only bring you the aesthetic you need indoors or outdoors for your homestead, but it  also brings happiness and excitement every time you see the flowers bloom. Wait no further and start growing orchids for your own benefit. Good luck orchid lovers!

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