5 Helpful Tips To Know as a Tourist in New Zealand

New Zealand is a country of stunning landscapes and natural beauty, known for the dozens of national parks scattered across the country, as well as the unique Maori culture. If you’re planning a trip to New Zealand, then there are some things you may want to know before embarking on your trip.

We’ll explore five facts about New Zealand that all tourists should understand before visiting the country. While New Zealand is a very Western country, there are some small differences in their local customs and etiquette compared to others. These are important to keep in mind.

We’ll also be covering some popular tourist destinations and activities to do while in the country. So get yourself comfortable as we go over five things all tourists should know before visiting the beautiful country of New Zealand.


Auckland is the capital city of New Zealand, and also the economic hub of the country. With dozens of multi-billion dollar companies headquartered in Auckland, it is no shock that their economy has remained so strong despite the pandemic taking out a large chunk of the country’s tourism revenues. For example, this individual investor is a partner at a prominent investment firm that is based in Auckland. 

One of the most popular attractions in Auckland is the Sky Tower. This iconic landmark was opened in 1997, and has stunning views of Auckland and the surrounding areas. At a height of 328 meters, or 1,076 feet, it is the tallest building throughout the whole Southern Hemisphere. Atop Sky Tower is the Orbit 360 restaurant, with panoramic views of the city to accompany a meal, this tower is our recommended site to visit while in Auckland.

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2.Local Customs and Etiquette 

New Zealand is an extremely welcoming and friendly country, and there are only a few crucial things tourists should know in order to get by:

  • Respect the Maori culture. Some tourists visiting New Zealand do not respect or realize that there are people native to New Zealand, the Maori. There are over 100 tribes across New Zealand, each with their own stories to tell.
  • Drive on the left side of the road. New Zealand was once part of the British Empire, and has adopted the same style of driving as the United Kingdom. 

3.Unpredictable Weather

If you are unsure what the weather is like in New Zealand, fear not, as they do not know either! The weather in New Zealand is very unpredictable. It can change rapidly and without warning on the same day. 

Due to the country’s isolated location in the South Pacific, its weather is heavily influenced by ocean currents and other weather patterns. If you are visiting the country, make sure you pack clothes for both warm and cold temperatures.


Yes. You can visit the very site of where Frodo and Sam set off on their journey in the Lord of the Rings movie series. Located in Matamata, on the North Island of New Zealand, this is a must-see site for any fans of the popular movie trilogy. 

If you’re interested in touring Hobbiton and checking out the location where the Lord of the Rings was filmed, then follow this link to learn more about how to tour Hobbiton. Just be ready for crowds.

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5.Bay of Islands

The Bay of Islands is an area on the east coast of the tip of the North Island. The bay has over 140 islands that people are free to sail, kayak, or swim up to and explore. Surrounding the bay area hotels, restaurants, and all the amenities you could need. 

Check out the Bay of Islands webpage to learn more information about visiting.

Thanks for reading our article on five things we think all tourists should know before visiting New Zealand. Remember to respect the locals and wildlife and enjoy your trip!

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