Why Camper Van Trips Are Perfect for Families With Kids

If you’re looking for a unique family holiday experience, try camping by campervan. Proper planning can be a fantastic way to see the world with kids. Younger children will love visiting campgrounds with playgrounds or offering activities and games. This will help to break up the day and keep them engaged, making for a happier holiday.

You Get to Spend More Time Together

Traveling in a campervan is the ultimate family holiday. With no need to book in and out of hotels, plan your itinerary or wait for trains or buses – you can make your schedule, stop whenever you like, and spend more time together as a family on the road.

The most challenging part of any holiday is the drive, but if you have your Hi5 campervan fitted out with everything you need for your family, you can keep the kids entertained on long drives. With plenty of storage space for the kids’ favorite toys and games and a fridge to stock up on snacks, they will be happy to sit back in the car and enjoy the ride.

Planning a few exciting stops on your journey is also a good idea if you have younger children. This will allow them to get out of the vehicle, stretch their legs, and do something different from what they might be used to at home. A trip to a new playground, exploring a national park, or even a quick stop at the local shopping center can help everyone stay refreshed on their holiday. You’ll also have all the amenities you need at your campsites, including a shower and toilet, to ensure your kids feel comfortable when they’re not outside exploring or swimming. Many camping parks also allow pets so you can bring yours along too.

You Can Save from a Hotel

The freedom of traveling in an Iceland camper van trip is excellent, but so is the ability to stay where you want to and for as long as you like. This flexibility is perfect for families with kids and can make the whole experience more enjoyable. The children will feel like they have a home away from home and the opportunity to spend more time doing their favorite activities.

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It also means you don’t have to worry about arranging accommodation at each destination, which can be stressful and time-consuming. You can drive to your campsite daily and enjoy the beautiful nature surrounding you.

Another benefit of staying in a camper is getting to locations that may not have hotels, such as national parks or even some beach locations. This allows the family to see some fantastic scenery that you might only have been able to visit with the camper.

Traveling in a camper can be much cheaper than in a car, with the cost of gas, accommodation, and meals all being reduced. This allows the family to go further with their budget and spend more on things they love, such as visiting museums and parks. The family can also save money by not having to buy meals out in restaurants and cafés, which can be expensive.

It’s Less Expensive

A road trip in a camper van will save you money on your travel expenses. You won’t need to pay for hotel rooms; you can cook meals instead of eating out every night. This will also allow you to save on snacks and drinks, essential when traveling with kids.

You’ll want to ensure enough sleeping space depending on how long you travel and how many people will sleep in the van. A good option is to get a campervan with beds in the back and up top or add a bed with a rooftop tent. This will provide the privacy you need and keep everyone happy.

You can also build a Murphy bed for the back of your van. The Fite family did this for their van, and they loved it. You could also buy a front cab air mattress that can be inflated between two seats, making it an excellent sleeping nook for children or more miniature adults.

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A campervan or RV can also help you avoid high baggage fees. This is because you can pack your gear, including extensive sports equipment, without worrying about lugging it around the airport. This can be especially helpful when traveling with pets or kids, as bringing them on road trips is often easier than flying with them.

You Can Take Your Pet

When you travel in a camper van, your entire family is welcome. This is a great way to get your kids and pets out of the house, so they can enjoy some quality time together and see new sights. They can enjoy the journey with you if they’re happy in their dog bed or tucked into their favorite blanket with a soft toy.

If necessary, prepare your pet for your trip, including a vet check-up and rabies vaccination. You’ll also need a travel crate for your dog to sleep in, which helps them feel secure and comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings. This can help them rest and reduce emotional stress, which may occur from the constant moving of their sleeping location.

In addition to keeping your dog healthy and up-to-date on their shots, it’s a good idea to pack plenty of treats. This will keep them happy and give them something to chew on when they can’t play outside. If you are visiting areas where they can swim in a river or lake, bring a life vest and other safety gear for them to wear while in the water.

To help you keep your dog’s area clean, it is worth packing a small broom and dustpan to sweep daily. A hose to rinse them off after romps in the mud and extra towels will also be helpful.

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