Buying The Best Bed Mattress 2020

best bed mattress

Buying a bed mattress is often a nice addition to your bedroom which gives both better comfort and a more hygienic environment to spend the night in. There are those who perceive the bed mattress as something a little superfluous, ie something that is not really needed. This is far from true as the bed mattress’s advantages with rye outweigh the disadvantages painted up. As already mentioned, a bed mattress gives greater stability as well as better sleeping comfort which obviously plays an extremely important role in the longer term and in a wider perspective. The improvement in hygiene mainly has to do with the removable cover of the mattress, which can be washed separately. Thus, dead skin cells and sweat are removed which otherwise for years allowed to embalm your bedding.

Our tips on good and affordable mattresses are further down in the article.

If, for example, you turn on and buy a frame bed, it is worth highlighting that the mattress cover of the bed is not removable and thus you cannot wash. It appears to be a more or less insignificant problem in the short term, but in the longer term it may have a significantly more negative effect on the freshness of the bedding. If you buy a bed mattress and use it directly on top of your bed, you have easily fixed your problem. For those who buy a latex bed mattress, it is actually possible to wash not only the cover but also the foam, but it is a complicated process and we therefore recommend that you do not do it too often.

best bed mattress

When buying some bed models, a bed mattress is included in the price, but after all we recommend you as a consumer to be skeptical. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the ‘bed mattresses-to-buy’ not to be of very high quality and therefore it may probably be relevant for you to buy a good external bed mattress regardless.

Latex, memory foam and polyurethane

There are different types of mattress cores where X is most common are memory foam, latex and polyurethane. The last is the foam we all know from carpets from gymnasiums around Sweden and thus a notorious “dead” foam with no real beneficial qualities on your night’s sleep. Therefore, we recommend that you consistently opt out of polyurethane and instead look for a bed mattress where the core consists of either latex or memory foam.

A latex bed mattress – a latex bed mattress – is an excellent choice and a product that treats your body in the best possible way. The core is elastic, which means that a latex bed mattress will form completely according to your body and in the places where your body drops as deep as possible, the mattress offers a back pressure – a resistance that works well for your body. These are just some of the benefits of a latex bed mattress.

A mattress with a core of memory foam has similar properties to those with latex solid, but is constructed differently. Anyone who sleeps on a mattress with memory foam will notice that it is completely formed after the body. More precisely, this means that the memory foam is formed according to your body heat, which means that you descend on the most critical pressure points on your body, such as your neck, lower back and shoulders.

Which one should I choose?

As we have already discussed, memory foam is a good choice for those who like to sink deep into a bed mattress and who also have a great need to specifically customize your sleeping space. In addition, the mattress is recommended for all those who easily freeze at night because it retains body heat but, as a result, of course is not recommended for those who instead want a cooler bed.

A latex bed mattress creates the conditions for a sleeping experience of the opposite kind as it instead of a conserved heat is a function where the temperature is regulated. Anyone who wants it warm at night also gets it with a latex bed mattress and the same goes for the one who prefers a cool bedroom instead. The temperature control obviously works in both directions.

In addition to having to decide whether you want a latex bed mattress or memory foam, there is also the thickness of the mattress to consider. As with so much else, it is not rules carved in stone that apply, but rather it is about guidelines with which your night’s sleep can be significantly improved. In general, and perhaps unsurprisingly, one can say that the heavier the body weight, the thicker the mattress, and thus of course the lighter the body weight, the thinner the mattress. You can also fund many good mattresses under $300 with all above mentioned features, you just have to do some online research.

The benefits of elasticity

When it comes to latex bed mattress, these have the advantage of making the mattress itself extremely easily adapted to individuals with large bodily differences. Usually, you need to buy very individualized products where one’s weight class is of the utmost importance to take into account, but just in case of latex bed mattress, a larger individualization is almost completely unnecessary.

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  1. These have the advantage of making the mattress itself extremely easily adapted to individuals with large bodily differences.

  2. Very nice information about shopping a mattress. There are some common mattress buying factors such as are firmness, comfort, layers, cover, support, sinking & sagging, warranty, trial offer, budget, etc. Thank you for sharing these helpful tips and ideas.

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