Bunion and Treatment Recommendations

Treatment Recommendations

Bunions are metatarsophalangeal joints at your big toe base. They occur when the metatarsal bone moves outside, making the big toe point inside. This leads to a bump, commonly known as bunions. Your daily wear shoes pressurize the joint, leading to inflammation, ache, and stiffness. It is still unknown why this happens, but there are multiple factors responsible for it, and the biggest one is genetics. So here we bring Treatment Recommendations-

Treatment for bunions- Know your options and Treatment Recommendations

First and foremost, remember you don’t always need treatment for bunions. The only time a person should go for treatment, be it over-the-counter or going for a surgery consultation, is when the bunion starts troubling you.

If you are suffering from pain, then here are some treatment measures for you:

Over-the-counter treatment options

It is essential to understand your over-the-counter treatment options that work like a bunion bandage for bunions. They provide pain relief without actually fixing the bunion. They also make you wear your shoes comfortably and walk around without pain.

Bunion sleeves

They resemble a turtleneck for your bunion and cover your big toe and the ball with a soft cushion. The major aim is to avoid rubbing when you wear your footwear.

You can also choose footwear with a wider toe area to protect your skin from rubbing. Always avoid wearing shoes with stiff soles and toe area. 

Bunion splint

Bunion split covers your foot and aligns your toes. They are basically used at night when footwear isn’t worn. They align the foot to toes to make it comfortable. They don’t work as a permanent solution but definitely bring a lot of relief to your condition. Some patients find it really comfortable to wear a splint at night. 

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Toe spaces

Like bunion splints, toe spaces help align your toes and can be worn inside the footwear. The spacer is manufactured with a soft gel or foam-like material, and it is sited between the primary and secondary toe.

It keeps your toe straighter and provides comfort inside the shoe. It also prevents both toes from rubbing against each other, causing pain.

However, it is yet another temporary relief measure that patients can take to control the pain and get relief. 

These are some of the over-the-counter measures. They are non-invasive and simple methods to prevent your bunion from growing, relieve the pain, and comfort you while walking and sleeping. They are perfect for situations when things are under control. However, if the situation has gone beyond control and these steps fail to relieve you, you should go for the surgery.

Surgical measures for bunion

Surgery is recommended if you experience extreme pain or when over-the-counter treatments fail to help. Over 150 types of surgeries are recommended for bunions, but fusion surgery and osteotomy are the common options. It is important to consult a surgeon and ask them to suggest a particular surgery for you and make sure you get a second opinion from another surgeon. Once both the surgeons agree to it, proceed with the surgery.



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