Five Powerful Tools for Effective Classroom Brainstorming

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Every classroom needs tools to maximize productivity and boost brain activity. Teachers who use powerful brainstorming tools in class ensures that even complex concepts are simplified enough for students to understand. Practical brainstorming tools get students’ creative juices flowing, and they can complete their collaborative projects much faster.

No matter the use of classroom brainstorming tools, the results are bound to be positive. Teachers need to learn how to break the monotony in the classroom to keep the attention of the learners. Using the same model of teaching day in day out can get boring pretty fast.

Thanks to brainstorming tools, students develop useful skills like teamwork and critical thinking. Teaching with practical examples ensures students know how to apply different concepts in real life. After all, learning should go beyond passing exams and getting good grades. Speaking of good grades, did you know MyHomeworkDone can ensure you maintain stellar performance throughout school?

1. Padlet

This is a great brainstorming tool for learners and teachers. It allows you to create online boards you can share with your class. This simple and intuitive online tool ensures that teachers practice inclusivity in class without going out of their way to do so.

Keeping up with the teacher in a big class can be a challenge because they can only attend to one student at a time. However, with Padlet, teachers can share ideas with the whole class with ease.

All teachers need to do is share one link with the students. This application simplifies teaching and ensures that you can attend to all students simultaneously. In turn, students can anonymously insert ideas to the board, and everyone else can access them.

This is a seamless, brainstorming tool that allows students to learn from each other without fear. Anonymous contributions to the subject eliminate the worry students have about the accuracy or credibility of their responses.

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Students can access the board using smartphones, tablets, and computers. Padlet encourages active participation and teamwork. Students can also use Padlet for group projects to brainstorm on different ideas.

2.     iBrainstorm

As the name suggests, iBrainstorm is another classroom brainstorming tool teachers can use. It helps students capture and share their creative minds.  The application allows every student to invite three learners to a brainstorming activity. This is the typical definition of putting minds together.

There’s enough proof that shows that working together expands students’ brain capacity. Each student thinks differently, and working together ensures each learner gets new perspectives on a given concept. iBrainstorm allows students to make notes on the board, so they don’t lose track of their discussion.

iBrainstorm also features templates students can use for their projects. Alternatively, they can start from scratch, and this is guaranteed to boost their creativity. The app can be useful for extracurricular activities as well. For instance, the football team can strategize using the tool before their next game.

3.     Google Docs

This might come as a surprise to many, but Google Docs is yet another powerful classroom brainstorming tool. This is like Microsoft Word with a major twist. Google Docs allows students to work together on the same document. All changes the students make throughout the project reflects on the final copy.

This is an excellent tool for homework and take-away assignments because they can complete the task without having to meet physically. Google Docs saves students from sending documents back and forth for group assignments.

Google Docs is a great collaborative tool that automatically saves all changes made on a document. It’s quite intuitive and easy to use, which means teachers don’t have to explain how students should use it.

4.     Popplet

Intuitive and easy to use classroom brainstorming app whose main purpose is to capture and organize ideas. Every teacher understands that many students struggle with organizing their thoughts. Well, Popplet is here to help.

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The application ensures that students can clearly outline their ideas on board. It uses squares to make learners’ ideas presentable. Students can even add images to their board to personalize it and make it more appealing.

This is a fun way of making lessons lively and involving. Teachers can implement visual learning for maximum impact. Students have an easier time understanding concepts when visual illustrations are used.

For instance, learners can create family trees that include pictures of everyone in their family. Such projects teach students organizing skills.

5.     Learn Around the World

What better way to traverse the walls of a traditional classroom than to introduce a brainstorming tool that connects your students to the rest of the world. Learn Around the World is a globally recognized tool that allows students to interact with learners from other countries.

Technology has succeeded in making the world a global village. Aside from working on take away assignments from home, learners also get new perspectives from fellow students in different parts of the world. This is an ideal brainstorming tool because it cuts across the globe.

Learn Around the World also allows students to go on virtual trips and learn about new cultures without physically visiting new places. They also get to enjoy real-time interactions with different students, thanks to the application’s great speakers.


Learning is made fun and engaging with classroom brainstorming tools. Teachers should introduce these tools to encourage participation. Using the old models of teaching alone is not enough in today’s technological world. Thanks to brainstorming tools, students can complete group projects and assignments on time.

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