Tips for Maintaining Your HVAC System

HVAC System

Your home is your haven, and you want to make sure it’s always comfortable no matter the season. Part of maintaining a cozy environment inside your house is having a well-functioning HVAC system. These tips will help you keep your HVAC system in tip-top shape so you and your family can enjoy a comfortable home all year long!  Use these tips for maintaining your HVAC system and keeping your home cozy.

Have Your HVAC System Serviced by a Professional at Least Once a Year

Keeping your home or business’s HVAC system in top shape is essential for comfort, efficiency and safety. To ensure that your system is up to the job of keeping you comfortable in both summer and winter, it is recommended that you have a professional HVAC technician like Headwaters Heating and Cooling service your system at least once a year. 

A professional service will check for hidden problems, as well as clean the unit from the inside out and verify that the system is running safely and efficiently. With regular maintenance, you can maximize its life expectancy and save money on energy bills throughout the year!

Check Your Air Filter Monthly and Replace It as Needed

Keeping your heating and cooling system in working order is critical to keeping your home a comfortable place year-round. It is essential then, to make sure you regularly check the air filter in each of your HVAC units. 

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Clean or replaced air filters help keep your heating and cooling system running efficiently, reducing power consumption and saving money over time. Depending on your family size and the number of pets, it may be necessary to replace the air filter monthly to ensure its proper function. 

By taking these basic steps, you can stay ahead of any developing issues and potentially avoid costly repairs down the road. In case you are unable to do it yourself, you may want to consider employing a professional service to do it for you.

Keep the Area Around Your Outdoor Unit Free of Debris

Keeping the area around your outdoor unit free of debris is an integral part of maintaining your HVAC system. Not only can debris clog key components, but it can also block intake and exhaust vents which could lead to decreased performance and potential damage. For your safety and the longevity of your HVAC system, make sure to clear away leaves, grass clippings, and other debris from the outdoor unit on a regular basis – also check for any signs of animal activity! 

While you can certainly tackle this chore yourself, you may also wish to enlist the help of a professional for thorough maintenance; they have the expertise required to ensure that all areas are properly maintained, which keeps your system running in top condition.

Change Your Thermostat Settings to Save Energy When You Are Away From Home

If you are looking for ways to save energy and cut your costs, changing the thermostat settings on your HVAC system can be an effective first step. By setting the temperature a few degrees higher than normal when you are away from home and cooler when you return, it can drastically reduce the amount of energy consumed and save you money in the long run. 

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Keeping the system well-maintained is also important. If any problems arise with your system, consider reaching out for professional assistance – it might be a quick fix that won’t require major repairs later, ensuring your energy-saving efforts reap even more rewards.


Proper care of your HVAC system is essential to maintaining a comfortable home and preventing costly repairs. By following the tips above, you can keep your HVAC system in top shape for years to come.


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