Enlivening A Living Space: 6 Sure-Fire Ways to Add Life In your Living Room

living room design

Decorating your living room can be a daunting task because it is a part of your home where several activities can take place at the same time.

However, there are some practical ways to add life to it, and some of the things that you are only going to need are flowers or plants, rugs, pillows, a lighting accessory, and many more.

Although many people learned the hard way in decorating their living space, with proper application, these elements can undoubtedly make your living room generate a lively and colorful atmosphere, and here are ways you can do it.

Buy a Colorful Rug

Place a rug that as a colorful detail or pattern to add visual interest underfoot. A rug with a colored element will help in hiding debris dirt, which is an excellent approach to fit into more colorful home decor.

Also, putting a long runner can incorporate color into unexpected areas and emphasize lengths to the hallway or any room.

Design with Pillows

Pillows can undoubtedly add life in your living space if you strategically place it on furniture. Whether you pick solids for a chair or floral sofa, or patterned pillows for a sofa or chair, these simple extras can promote comfort and generate a gentle pop of colors.

Color One Wall

You will notice that you can boost a lively color by merely painting one wall in your living room. This approach will certainly enhance the focus in the room without the need to think about incorporating complex decorating projects.

If you have a niche in your living room, then that is an ideal choice for additional color. You can opt for a bold, contrasting hue selected from a floral texture or a delicate tone that is darker than the color of other walls.

Flowers or Plants Add Elegance

When we talk about color inspiration, flowers or plants can help in adding tone, character, fragrance, and positive ambiance to your living room.

However, if you are a busy person and do not have the time to tend the flowers, then you can purchase those artificial ones in department stores. There are excellent looking foliage, flowers, and plants that only need dust removing.

Add a Mirror to Reflect Color

Placing a large mirror on a wall can help in making the color to bounce around the room, which can add light to the area. Additionally, if you have an unused old frame, try painting it with bright colors and hang it on the wall to add visual interest.

Vase as Safe Accessory

If you are unsure as to what accessory to add, then you can easily opt for a colorful vase. Well, aside from a vase, you can also add a throw, accent pillows, a bowl of fruit in your living room because these simple add-ons can certainly add an attractive pop of colors and character.

To Conclude

Although adding life in our living rooms seems hard at first, knowing the tricks and proper application of home decor can undoubtedly help you in generating a lively atmosphere in the living space.

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