How to create the ideal family home office

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With around half of humanity under some form of lockdown in early April, many of us will be getting used to the idea of working from home for the foreseeable future. There’s no doubt it has its benefits – longer lie ins, comfy loungewear and unlimited snacks – but it can prove tricky for some. Keep reading how you can create the ideal family home office for you.

Staying away from the TV is one of the first hurdles you may need to overcome. But more serious are tech difficulties disrupting your day and an inadequate setup damaging your health. 

Read tips on how to create and maintain your ideal family home office below.    

Create a comfortable setup

First things first − get comfortable. That doesn’t mean stretching out on the sofa in your pyjamas, but instead creating an environment that you can work in for long periods without suffering any health complaints. 

A supportive chair should be at the top of your list, along with a desk that suits your height and enough light sources to save straining your eyes. You may want to add a lumbar support, laptop stand, and desk fan to your list too.  

You may need to assess your financial options while you get set up. But it doesn’t pay to skimp when it comes to your health.  

Invest in the right equipment for your role

Having the right technology on hand is key to making your transition to working from home as seamless as possible. Your employer may be able to provide you with a laptop, monitor, keyboard and mouse – especially if you worked in an office environment before. 

You’ll also want to make sure your broadband is robust enough to cope with video calls and so on. Demand for video conferencing technology has boomed since the Covid-19 outbreak began, so play around with the various options to find the best one for you.

Add personal touches

Over time it’s natural to start collecting desk decorations, souvenirs and more as you make your designated area in a traditional office more personalised. Why not carry on that tradition at home?

Make your space one you’ll want to return to by adding family photos, plants and whatever else makes you feel good. Draw or desk organisers will help keep it clear of clutter. Top up on stationery if you enjoy developing ideas on paper.      

Keep your work and living areas separate 

You’re not alone if you’re a newcomer to home working; more than 60% of the UK workforce haven’t worked from home before. Perhaps one of the most crucial tips is to make sure you create a clear distinction between home and work life.

Ideally, you’ll be able to set up your office somewhere separate from your main living areas. But if not, taking down your equipment and storing it elsewhere when you’re finished up will bring a sense of closure to your working day. 

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