Decorate your interior with dry flowers or send them as a stylish gift to a family member or friend. There are occasions when dried flowers simply mean more and are difficult to let go. In this article we will take you through how to dry flowers so that they are dried flowers in the end. Luckily, drying out flowers is a simple, easy thing you can do at home. And it means you can keep all your favorite flowers for as long as you want!

Whether you want to decorate with dried flowers, frame them or make your home smell great with potpourri, our drying methods will give them new life!

How to dry flowers

To dry your flowers you will need: flowers, scissors, string or rubber bands, a hanger, unscented hairspray.

  • First, choose the flowers you want to dry. Flowers that have just finished blooming are best for drying. You will then need to remove excess foliage from under the flower bud and trim the stems.
  • Divide your flowers into small bunches of 6-7 flowers. If you want to dry larger flowers like roses or hydrangeas, they have to stand on their own. Tie each bunch with an elastic band or string and hang them upside down on the coat hanger.
  • To make sure the flowers keep their color, hang them in a dry, dark room, away from direct sunlight. The attic or a closet under the stairs would be ideal!

Benefits of dried flowers

The benefits of dried flowers and plants are endless. First, of course, they don’t need any grooming, but you don’t have to worry about where to put them either. A warm, cold, sunny or dark place: it really doesn’t matter. That makes dried flowers and plants perfect for places where you normally can’t put plants on, such as a windowless bathroom or a south-facing windowsill.

Leave the flowers for 2-3 weeks until they are completely dry. When you remove them, spray them with a small splash of hairspray. This not only protects them, but also gives them a nice shine.

You can also send dried flower letterbox gifts to friends or family members. Surprise them special letterbox flowers for a special surprise! 

Types of dried flowers

Dried flowers are not just flowers that are hung somewhere until they can be sold. No, there are different types that undergo different processes to ensure the best color retention and quality. 

The flower is harvested when the natural flower is glorious. Harvesting dried flowers requires a lot of manual work. Some flower products are cut piece by piece and by hand with knives from the field. Others are harvested with a sickle. This once again emphasizes the natural; handmade rustic character of these products. After harvesting, the flowers are dried in drying rooms.

You may have noticed that these dried flowers come in all colors. The dried flowers are provided with special paints, this considerably extends the life of the product.

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