All You Need to Know About Smart Blinds

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Imagine waking up every morning and raising the window shades before getting out of your cozy blankets? Well, that has become possible with the motorized smart window blinds.

Like any other standard window coverings, smart blinds offer privacy to the homeowners while enabling you to adjust the amount of sunlight in your rooms. They also save on your electricity bills by blocking the sunrays and keeping your home cool during summer. These automated window coverings come in different sizes, colors, and designs. So, how do they differ from the standard window coverings?

Smart blinds are a special type of window coverings that come equipped with a built-in motor, which allows homeowners to raise and lower the covering as per their requirement. Commonly known as automated blinds and automated shades, smart blinds can also feature an advanced light sensor device. This tool enables you to adjust the blinds according to the lightings outside. With smart blinds installed on your windows, you don’t need to pull the cord to adjust them. Send a voice command or use a remote controller to put the blind up and down. Get the most of the smart blinds at

The question is how can automated blinds benefit the homeowners? Let’s find out the answers:

Features of Smart or Automated Blinds

Smart blinds are completely different from the standard window covering options. Unlike the typical shades, smart blinds are automated. You can adjust them using a remote or the voice assistant. Here, we’ve listed some crucial features of this ultra-modern window covering solution.

  • Built-in Light Sensor – Not all, but most of the smart blinds feature a light sensor that helps you adjust the window blinds according to the exterior lighting. The sensors are smart enough to identify different hours of the day and adjust the shades accordingly.
  • Built-in Motor – Motors are responsible for raising or lowering the window blinds according to the user’s commands. There are a number of ways to operate the built-in motors, such as through voice command, remote control, or a mobile app. Regardless of the time, you can move the shades up and down in one click.
  • Remote Control – Gone are the days when people had to move the blinds manually. Today, the motors that come integrated with the shades do the job for you. Using a remote control or a mobile application, you can instruct the motor to raise or lower the blinds. In fact, some remote controls enable the homeowners to set a specific timer for the automatic opening and closing of the blinds.
  • Virtual Assistant Control – Nothing is more flexible and convenient than the smart blinds that support voice commands. All you got to do is ask the virtual assistants to adjust the shades. That’s it! Some blinds support all major voice assistants including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.
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Why Choose Smart Blinds?

We live in a world where automating the core household activities has become a trend. People have started embracing the tech gadgets that could automate their hectic routine tasks. One such trend in home renovation is automated blinds. Here are the reasons why homeowners should install smart blinds.

  • A Cost-effective Solution

The buying and installation cost of automated blinds are pretty high. However, they help you save a considerable amount of money in the long run. The built-in light sensors allow you to adjust the coverings according to the exterior lighting. This means you can turn off the lights and save on the electricity bills by utilizing natural light.

  • Get Quick Access

Automated blinds offer smart solutions. You don’t have to walk up to the windows of your living rooms, kitchen, or drawing room to adjust the coverings. In fact, you can adjust the blinds from the comfort of your couch. If you have the voice assistant, then the blind can be adjusted in one command.

  • Choose your Favorite Design

Smart blinds are somewhat similar to the standard window coverings. They come in a broad range of sizes, colors, and designs. Made of high-quality and robust fabric, they offer a great level of privacy and protection from the UV rays. Most importantly, homeowners can pick suitable and trending smart window shades according to their preference and interior home décor theme.


Smart blinds are easy to set up and offer a plethora of benefits. Once installed, you can rest assured that it will offer 100% privacy, block unnecessary sunrays, and keep your home safe and cool round the clock. Install smart blinds and enjoy convenient operations.

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