Exam Tables for Specialized Medical Procedures

A medical exam table might not be the most glamorous piece of equipment in your office, but it plays an important role in making patients feel comfortable. CeilBlue carries an extensive selection of superior-quality medical examination tables that accommodate multiple styles of practice.

Pediatric exam tables feature child-friendly designs that cultivate a less stressful experience for patients. Power exam tables allow you to adjust their height and position with the flick of a lever.

Standard Flat Exam Tables

The standard exam table found in doctor’s offices is a 32-inch-high flat medical examination table. These tables are often difficult or impossible for wheelchair-bound patients to use independently and may require assistance from the caregiver. To improve accessibility for disabled and elderly patients, many models of flat medical exam tables are available at lower heights. These accessible medical treatment tables are easier to maneuver and are available with a variety of add-on options to meet the needs of most patients.

For example, the Midmark 204 manual exam table features an enlarged footstep and stirrups that make stepping onto the table easier for disabled and elderly patients. Its lowered base allows for easy access to the table’s drawers, which can be accessed from either side of the table, eliminating any potential setup issues caused by having to designate one side of the table as the “left” or the “right.”

Power medical examination tables are another type of flat exam table with adjustable sections that allow different heights for both the head and backrest. Powered medical exam tables are easier to operate than manual tables, and some offer the ability to raise or lower only certain sections of the table while leaving other sections in place. This reduces the energy and exertion required to move the sections of an adjustable medical exam table, making them a better option for individuals who need to conserve their strength.

A patient lift is also an option to consider for patients who are unable or unwilling to get onto an exam table by themselves. A lift’s base can fit under or around the bottom end of an adjustable height exam table and is operated by a member of staff to facilitate transfers.

To keep hygiene standards up to par, many medical exam tables are made with seamless and fully sealed upholstery that is easily cleaned. This prevents the penetration of liquids that may cause damage to the table or contaminate patient records. Additionally, casters are often used to help maintain clean floors by rolling the table out of the way when not in use.

Eco-Friendly Exam Tables

Purchasing eco-friendly medical equipment reduces waste for patients and healthcare staff. This is especially important for exam tables, which are commonly used in healthcare settings to perform various specialized procedures and assessments. For example, choosing a medical table with a powder-coated or plastic surface and upholstered in easy-to-clean antimicrobial vinyl minimizes the risk of contamination.

Similarly, sustainable wood construction and environmentally conscious manufacturing methods minimize energy consumption during production. Additionally, eco-friendly examination tables feature ergonomic designs to support healthcare professionals. For example, the ability to easily tilt or recline the headrest and foot section with a flick of a button saves energy and reduces the need for manual lifting.

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Incorporating collaboration technologies and multi-functional features into exam tables helps streamline communication and decision-making for healthcare teams, enabling more efficient and comprehensive patient care. Many powered exam tables offer integrated teleconferencing capabilities for remote consultations, reducing the need to travel between facilities.

Another key consideration is the ability to access supplies and medical devices from the patient’s side. Look for medical exam tables that offer storage drawers or base cabinets to keep essential items within reach of healthcare professionals. Look for options with removable drawer dividers to keep supplies organized and accessible. Additional accessories and features like women’s health accessories, exam light brackets, and patient assist handles foster efficiency in a clinical setting where staffing is limited.

Hi-Lo exam tables enable practitioners to move patients between a sitting and reclining position with the flip of a switch. This minimizes the amount of physical lifting required, which is ideal for disabled patients who may have trouble moving from a wheelchair to an exam chair or back to a standing position. Many powered hi-lo medical exam tables come in ADA-compliant models that have lower platform heights to facilitate easier transfer of patients with disabilities or injuries.

A power medical exam table that automatically lowers to a 17” to 19” height at the push of a button is an ideal choice for healthcare facilities that routinely treat elderly and disabled patients. This feature also helps providers avoid accidental falls or injuries when they need to lift patients from wheelchairs or stretchers.

Hi-Lo Exam Tables

Many doctors’ offices and therapy practices specialize in treating patients with specific issues. Some examples include physical therapy and chiropractic centers, massage studios, and orthopedic surgery clinics. While every medical practice has its own unique needs, all of them require an exam table to ensure patient safety and comfort throughout procedures.

Power treatment tables, also called electric exam tables, are highly advanced piece of medical furniture that helps to enhance patient comfort and streamline clinical examinations. They have motorized adjustments that allow healthcare professionals to move and position patients easily and quickly. Some of the features found on these advanced medical treatment tables include a patient lift system, programmable foot controls, and padded backrests that provide optimal support for varying body shapes and sizes.

Medical treatment tables are designed with hygiene in mind and are typically easy to clean. Many feature vinyl upholstery that’s durable and easy to wipe down when it gets dirty. Additionally, they’re engineered to withstand regular usage and heavy loads. Most also feature built-in drawers to help keep essential supplies organized. This way, staff members can focus on caring for their patients rather than searching through multiple supplies to find what they need.

Electric exam tables are a great choice for any medical setting, but they’re especially valuable in settings that see an influx of pediatric patients. Designed with children in mind, these exam tables feature fun art and color options, making them more welcoming for young patients. Some models even come with digital scales to simplify the process of weighing infants and toddlers.

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Tilt medical treatment tables are another specialty option for some clinics. These specially designed tables allow doctors to perform special tilt table tests, which can help identify unknown causes of syncope (fainting). They’re able to securely strap their patients on the table before tilting them backward and forwards.

As the leading provider of exam room equipment, CeilBlue offers a wide selection of quality hi-lo treatment tables from top manufacturers like Armedica Manufacturing, Clinton Industries, and Hausmann Industries. Shop for the perfect hi-lo exam table to suit your practice’s needs today!

Combination Exam Tables

In many clinics, space is at a premium, so the choice of an exam table that can transform into a treatment table may be most practical. These tables have a seat and a head section that moves up and down as needed by the physician. They can also be equipped with storage compartments to hold medical practice supplies. A manual exam table is a popular option because it is relatively inexpensive and multipositional, with most units including a heavy-duty step stool to help patients get on the table.

A powered exam table (also called a hi-low or electric medical examination table) offers more versatility and is available in an assortment of models. The physician controls the height of each section with a lever or button and can move the seat up and down as well. Powered exam tables are easier to maneuver than manually operated models, and they can save the healthcare professional a lot of time and effort.

The type of medical exam table you select will depend on the needs of your clientele and the types of exams or procedures you perform. For example, gynecological exam tables may be equipped with stirrups, while radiology/imaging table models feature a drop window. If you treat bariatric patients, you might consider a specialized bariatric medical exam table that provides extra support for larger clients and is designed with a reinforced top to prevent patients from rolling off the table.

Versatility and adjustability are also important features to look for in a medical examination table. For instance, a healthcare provider who has to bend over or reach too far while conducting an exam or procedure could develop back strains. The ability to easily adjust the height of an exam table can ease this issue and keep staff members comfortable.

Exam tables are essential pieces of equipment in many healthcare facilities. They keep the patient comfortable and facilitate close exams and procedures by allowing the healthcare professional to interact with the client. When selecting exam tables for your practice, choose the best models based on your specific needs and budget.

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