Tips for Making the Perfect Kitchen Design

Before A Home Renovation

The kitchen is one of the most vital rooms in the home. Some people regard the kitchen as the powerhouse in the home because it is where family edibles are produced. It should be a place you enjoy staying, whether cooking, cleaning, eating, or just entertaining. So, it is best to ensure both beauty and functionality when planning the perfect kitchen design.

Whether you are planning a kitchen renovation or making a fresh design, maximizing the space should be a priority. Ensuring a balance between visual design and functionality when setting up your kitchen is the real deal.

Are you finding it difficult to figure out the best layout for your kitchen? Are you keen on finding the perfect design and setup for your kitchen? This guide provides practical tips that can help you to create the kitchen space you love. You will find tips and ideas on how to create the perfect kitchen space without breaking the bank.

Let’s find out!

  1. Find A Perfect Layout 

Finding a perfect layout will help you get the best design and arrangement for your space. This consideration is vital for ensuring a balance between functionality and design.

Start by measuring the amount of space you have and ensure that it will suit the picture you have in mind.

Create space to hold your kitchen utensils and materials to allow more space. You can include storage materials like cupboards and cabinets. This material will help you create more space and figure out the perfect layout with ease.

  1. Create Clear Pathways 

Make sure you don’t omit suitable walkways when you are making plans for your kitchen pathways. Ensure that it gives you enough channels to move around with ease. You can follow the general rule of ensuring that all walkways around your kitchen should be about 36 inches wide. Also, the aisles around cooking zones should be between 42- 48 inches wide.

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Ensuring clear walkways will mitigate the possibility of clusters. Clusters are the primary reason for most domestic accidents in your kitchen. It will also give your design and décor a clear decoration.

  1. Use Suitable Lighting 

Lighting is one of the vital elements of kitchen décor and design. It performs the dual function of creating a clear vision and enhancing design. You can use multilayered light to serve different purposes. Decorative lights are suitable when you don’t have any task to perform in the kitchen area. You might need brighter LED lights and lamps when you need to cook or perform other tasks.

  1. Use Suitable Decorations 

Decoration in your kitchen is essential to create an appealing space. There are several decorative ideas you can use in your kitchen. Everything in your kitchen, including light and furniture, can contribute to your decorations. Start your decoration from the wall and extend it to the floors and other materials.

Consider using suitable wall paintings and wall arts. Aside from using suitable colors in your kitchen, wall arts and prints will add more life to your kitchen. You can find several art prints that are suitable for the kitchen. Consider using nature wall arts, wine paintings canvas, minimalistic arts, and other beautiful kitchen arts.

Other decorative elements you can include in your kitchen are decorative plants, mirrors, wall fabrics, wall tiles, and so on.

  1. Create Landing Space Beside Your Appliances 

Landing spaces are spots near your appliances where you can place items during cooking or prepare your ingredients. It is one of the functional elements you must include in your kitchen setup. Some of the major appliances that require special landing sports beside them include refrigerators, microwaves, cookers, and even smaller appliances like toasters and coffee pots.

  1. Organize Frequently Used Items Within Reach 
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Organizing materials for frequent use within reach is another functional feature that will help your kitchen layout. This consideration is particularly essential for food storage areas. Keep frequently used ingredients within easy reach. Ensure similar considerations for cooking wares.

Pro Tip: You can hang cooking wares on kitchen walls for easy access and decoration as well.

  1. Create A Focal Point 

Creating a focal point is one of the most notable points people miss when making their kitchen design. Creating a focal point helps you to find balance with your design. It will form the eye-catching part of the kitchen. It can be anywhere from flooring, bright kitchen cabinets, wall tiles, flowered countertops, and the likes.

The essence of this focal point is to complement the quieter part of the kitchen. It will make a bold statement in the kitchen décor and dictate the entire design’s flow.


The kitchen is one of the essential rooms at home. You can add quality to every single minute you spend in the kitchen with the right design. The key is finding a balance between beauty and functionality. The tips above will help you figure out the best design for your kitchen. Feel free to explore!


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