10 Cheap Ways to Update Your Kitchen

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The kitchen is one of the coziest rooms in the house and completely deserves attention. We’ve pulled together all the ideas and reviews from expert home designers to give you ten cheapest and best ways to update it. Let’s find out more!

the best ways to update a kitchen


1. Hang up Some Art

Every kitchen looks brilliant with a few pieces of art in it. When you have some blank spaces on your walls, this is where you should put some artwork. Framed things are to be in your kitchen just as much as in your living or dining rooms. You can pick things up which match the vibe such as paintings of fish or vegetables. Use art to boost the appearance of appliances, e.g., if you’re wondering about where to put your microwave in the kitchen, stick it next to a cute painting.

2. Adding a Rug

People think that tiles are the only thing one should have in their kitchen; however, rugs can do so much. They will cover an ugly floor, adding color and providing a nice cushion surface for feet. You should try one sometime! Who said kitchen ideas need to be complicated and difficult?

3. A Lick of Paint

This is one of those modern kitchen ideas that can be done on a shoestring. If you see something that looks bland, add a lick of paint! You can spice up your cabinets, boring walls, and even pots and plates. Everything will look colorful and exciting.

4. Wallpapers

So many awesome peels and stick wallpaper options are available these days. There are all sorts of patterns and colors that work perfectly for any kitchen space. Go for something that matches the decor of your house and be creative.

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5. Pendant Lights

We know that you probably don’t want to start dealing with electricity and circuit breakers; however, it is possible to add new lighting without having to be an electrician. Most home stores offer a vast array of pendant lights that can be plugged straight into an outlet. Simply plug in, arrange the cord and hang from a ceiling hook. Hey presto, you’ve just seriously improved your kitchen. As a tip, look out for pendant conversion kits in home stores. This is one of those small kitchen ideas that really packs a punch. These kits will allow you to put a pendant lighting wherever a recess light bulb would go normally.

6. Swapping out Stools

Purchasing a few simple bar stools can be a great addition if you’ve got an island within your kitchen. These can be bought for cheap almost anywhere. You wouldn’t believe how great an aesthetic choice this is, adding real rustic quality to the kitchen.

7. Some Colorful Small Appliances

Any cute and small appliance is basically like adding an easy accent piece, but also with a lot of utility. There are many different mixes of colorful coffee machines that you can get to your liking. One could even purchase a colorful toaster, leaving it out on the countertop for everybody to look at! As long as the machine is used regularly, it would be worth the purchase.

8. Cool Tea Kettles

Have you ever seen how interesting a rustic teakettle can make the kitchen space look? Well, it’s true. If you go for an antique kettle, such as one made of copper, this gives the slick and elegant appearance. It is like you are trying to accentuate the fact that you can cook and use the appliances to your needs. How clever is that?

9. Hanging up New Window Curtains

Almost every home store out there sells a pair of curtains. Why bother with electricity, expensive appliances, complete remodel kitchen ideas, and time-consuming tasks when you can just hang a beautiful pair of curtains? It’s a real game-changing move for the kitchen, bringing in a fresh aesthetic.

10. The Addition of a Backsplash

This is another example of where Peel & Stick technology is a real winner. One can add a simple backsplash and not have to deal with grout in the kitchen. Many hardware stores can sell stick on backsplash paneling, which is very cheap and simple to install. This is DIY without the backbreaking labor, and designs are full of class.

So Many Great Kitchen Ideas

Hopefully, now that you’ve read all of our apartment kitchen ideas, you can put them to the test. These are kitchen design ideas that can be done cheap too. We hope that you’ll have fun with them and use them as a springboard to come up with great suggestions of your own.

Do you have any kitchen ideas with white cabinets or strange fittings? Tell us all your thoughts and reflections in our comments section below.

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