2021 Drunk Driving Statistics That May Surprise You

Drunk Driving statistics

Drunk driving has for a long time been one of the major causes of road fatalities. Drugs and alcohol impair the judgment of the driver. It causes drivers to be unstable and make wrong decisions on the road, potentially causing harm to the driver and other road users. Public attention has shifted as more people are concerned with the consequences of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Drivers have to understand that driving is an enormous responsibility. Let us brush over some of the demographics of drunk driving according to statistics.

The Statistics


According to the national statistics, drunk driving is common among young people. Since 1975, the drinking age limit has been 21 years, and it has saved many lives that would have been lost due to drunk driving. The age bracket between 21- 24 is the most affected group with the highest drunk-driving statistics percentage (27%). 


According to research and findings, men are four times more likely to cause accidents than women. In addition, male drunk driving accounts for 80.4% of drunk driving fatalities compared to the female gender. Men are more likely to overindulge in alcohol and end up behind the wheel with far too many not concerned about road safety.

Effect of Covid-19 on Drunk-Driving

The pandemic and infection rates were at their highest in 2020 and had a major impact on driving under the influence. Total Fatality Rate increased from 1.10 in 2019 to 1.35 in 2020. With fatalities increasing by almost 5% from 2019 while total miles traveled decreased. The rise can be attributed to a large population of citizens losing their sources of income and taking alcohol and drug substances to avoid facing the harsh reality of the loss of income.

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Consequences of Drunk-Driving

There is no debate that drunk driving has impacted many lives. It can cause injuries ranging from minor to fatal. Not only to the driver, but the lives of innocent drivers and passengers sharing the road. While things like car insurance or a car accident attorney can provide some protection after an incident occurs, preventing the accident from ever happening is obviously the preferred outcome.

Car insurance rates

Drunk driving can also have an impact on car insurance rates. With different states having set different regulations concerning driving under the influence. Repeat offenders can have their licenses revoked or face jail time, with first-time offenders expected to pay fines at a minimum. Licenses are often suspended. Furthermore, having a DUI on your records makes insurance companies view you as a high-risk client, increasing rates.

How to Prevent Drunk-Driving

Talk to your Children

Every parent needs to educate their children concerning the consequences of drunk driving. Especially the youth that makes up the larger statistics of individuals affected by drunk driving. All children should be aware of the consequences of drunk driving and must understand that driving is a privilege not a right.

Use Rideshare

The emergence of popular online ridesharing applications like Uber and Lyft has made avoiding driving under the influence easier than previous years. It is necessary to install the applications on gadgets to gain access to the rides. Especially when under the influence, it is best to use an Uber to take you home to avoid accidents caused by drunk driving. It is a safe platform and a cheaper way of getting home after a night out drinking spree.

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Plan Ahead

Anyone planning to overindulge in alcohol must think ahead. Thinking ahead allows you to plan on ways of getting a designated driver. In addition, you can plan to spend the night in an acquaintance’s place or at a hotel to avoid drunk driving while heading back home. As we know, sometimes the best thing to do after getting drunk is nothing at all. Whatever it takes, make sure not to drive drunk.

From the above informative piece, we have discussed the statistics, causes, and effects of drunk driving. The consequences vary from an individual; some may be long-term, others short-term. It is best to keep away from drunk driving to avoid being a statistic in the future. So, whatever it takes, make sure not to sit behind the wheel knowing very well you are buzzed; you may not live to tell the story.

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