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Railways are considered the lifeline of India. India- a vast country with variant geographical conditions is connected by Indian Railways. There are roadways, and then there are airways. But some advantages only come with railways. The allowance of luggage, close connectivity, cheaper rates, and variety of coaches; make Railway a favorable element.

Not only for traveling but for employment as well, a job in Railways is considered esteemed. Perks with the Indian Railways are always a total win-win! 

With the above things covered in the salary, a job at Indian Railways is a dream for many. However, for bagging a job, one must appear for the competitive exams and score well above the cut-offs. One such exam for joining the Indian Railways is the RRB (Railway Recruitment Board) Group D entrance exam. 

A candidate must tick off all the checklists before appearing for the entrance to be completely prepared.

The checklist involves simple vital points such as:

Know the Exam Pattern well

With every exam comes a non-negotiable pattern. Being thorough with designs will ensure the time limit, the number of questions and marks for each question. 

Be thorough with the Syllabus

Isn’t it an undeniable fact that every exam has its own Syllabus? As for climbing the stairs of educational levels in schools, we need to hear the Syllabus; the same applies here. The only difference is the difficulty level.

Always go through Previous years papers

The previous year’s papers are like insights on what to expect from the challenge one is about to perceive. One must go through the exam papers considering it might one a brief idea of the questions. The best will be if you solve them. Solving the previous exam papers will make you realize the problem-solving speed, and what amends you need to make accordingly.

Know well about the Cut-off

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Every examination has a thin invisible thread that needs to be crossed. Some can cross it with flying colours, whereas some miss it by fractions. This same line is the cut-off marks.

And when we say every examination, it includes the Indian railways as well. When a candidate is preparing for this entrance, he/she should be well aware of the RRB Group D Cut-off. This will give you a brief idea about how to prepare well to enhance the chance to clear the exams.

Make sure you check the application status

Confidence is one thing, but overconfidence is a big no-no. When a candidate has successfully applied for the entrance, one should always track the process.

The process involves checking the application status. Sometimes the application gets rejected after close verification. A candidate may inquire about the reason for such an occurrence. 

Once the candidate checks the RRB Group D Application Status, he/she may know the reasons behind the rejection. The application could be rejected due to specific reasons such as 

  • Eligibility
  • Incorrect Photograph Uploaded
  • Half/ Partial completed form
  • Signature in Block letters
  • Submitted more than one form
  • Debarred list
  • Incorrect details filled in the forms

Checking the Admit Card

The admit card is a vital element to be allowed in the examination hall. You can download the admit card online. Before downloading, you must check the details and corrections (in case any). 

Enrolling on the online coaching

Let us all raise our hands in agreeing to the fact that Lockdown has undoubtedly affected how we go out in the world. Everyone wants minimum exploration to risk. And the best way in case you want to be trained before the exam is by joining online coaching. 

Online coaching is not just easy but a super time saver. 

Although the above factors are simple, they play an essential role in the preparation. It is always better to be one step ahead if you expect to win a good place!

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