Top 10 Benefits of Using Marijuana Everyone Should Know About


For the longest time marijuana was perceived as a drug that can only jeopardize your wellbeing. However, after many years and numerous tests, it was proved that this plant can also have various benefits to your body. As a result, more and more countries are permitting the use of medical marijuana. If you are looking for smoking accessories you can check.

In most cases, marijuana doesn’t eliminate diseases. Instead, it is more commonly used as a way of relieving symptoms. It has shown lots of promise when it comes to pain reduction and various mental conditions. Here are the top 10 benefits of using medical cannabis. Read on!

1. Helps with anxiety

As already mentioned, marijuana is meant to provide relief or assistance with various mental conditions and issues. This is especially true when it comes to anxiety. It helps relax a person working as a unique sedative. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t overdo it as prolonged use of the plant can lead to paranoia.

2. Can be used in the treatment of PTSD

In the last several years, it has been discovered that cannabis can be great for war veterans. PTSD is a common condition for people who just got back from a war. It impacts the brain in a similar way it impacts anxiety; it brings relief and reduces tension.

3. Spread of cancer

It is really interesting that cannabis can reduce spreading of cancer cells throughout a body. According to research done in 2007, the plant has the ability to stop the spread of cancer by affecting a specific gene in the body. The study was performed on patients who had breast cancer but based on everything seen, there is a good chance it would work similarly for other types of cancer. Subsequent studies have shown promising results in terms of lungs and brain cancer as well.

4. Chemotherapy symptoms

Chemotherapy can be really devastating for the body. Among other things, it leads to enormous amounts of pain and severe weight loss. The person will lose appetite and also have vomiting and diarrhea. This further weakens the body and prevents it from battling the disease. With marijuana, not only are you able to reduce the pain but it can also impact other symptoms. As a result, you will have more appetite which will help counter weight loss.

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5. Its impact on Alzheimer’s

There aren’t many things that you can do to treat Alzheimer’s. However, you can slow its progress. According to a study that was performed in 2006, one of the main ingredients of marijuana THC, is able to slow the creation of plaques that are leading to progress of the disease. As such, it is a good way to counter it to an extent.

6. Glaucoma and cannabis

When it comes to glaucoma, it is caused by increased pressure in an eyeball which in turn leads to optical nerve damage. People who have it slowly lose their eyesight. Smoking of marijuana helps reduce the pressure within the eye which prevents damage to nerves. But you don’t have to have glaucoma for marijuana to work this way; it also reduces pressure in healthy eyes.

7. Help with arthritis

Arthritis is another condition that is very troublesome but cannot be cured. Instead, you have to take half-measures such as smoking marijuana. Arthritis is basically an inflammation that occurs in your joints. Marijuana is able to reduce pain and discomfort associated with the inflammation. While the drug cannot help treat the disease nor can it improve the state of joints, it can relieve the most common symptoms that allowing better sleep and in general, a better quality of life.

8. Its impact on Dravet’s syndrome

Dravet’s syndrome is a relatively unknown condition. It leads to seizures and delays in proper development. The biggest issue with this condition is the fact children affected by it will have several hundred seizures a week. When using cannabis, subjects have shown immense progress. Instead of having several hundred seizures a week, they would have a handful.

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9. Pain-related to multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis can bring a lot of pain to a person. It leads to spasms which can be really troublesome. According to a study, smoking marijuana can eliminate these pains. Thirty patients were painful contractions were given marijuana and while the other forms of medication didn’t help, they found a lot of relief when smoking the plant. The THC component works really well for pain (not only that associated with multiple sclerosis), bringing instant relief.

10. Reduce various side effects that occur when treating hepatitis C

When treating hepatitis C, side effects are commonplace. They can be really severe at times which can cause lots of additional issues to patients. But not only that; these side effects are so problematic that they can prevent patients from continuing the treatment. They including things such as muscle pain, loss of appetitive, fatigue, nausea, depression and so on. On top of that, some of these side effects can last for a month! Cannabis has proven to be a great way of relieving these issues. It can also be used to increase the overall effectiveness of the treatment.

Besides these 10 conditions, there are various other diseases and problems that marijuana can help treat. Perhaps it doesn’t provide ultimate solutions but it still manages to reduce side effects and help cope with other nasty issues along the way. If you have some of these problems, you should definitely consider marijuana treatment!

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