How can International Students Deal with Stress?

International Students Deal with Stress

We all deal with stress at some point in college life. However, international students have to deal with more stress due to a number of factors involved. 

Studying abroad while being away from home is a difficult phase in life. Irrespective of your dedication and passion for the course you are pursuing, you will still struggle with being away from your home and family in a completely new environment. If you wish to know more about the life of an international student, you can check out the best site for additional info.

International students mostly have a lot to deal with than just academics. This could lead them to feel stressed out under several circumstances in life. This can affect their day-to-day lives while making their overall stay difficult. Here are some of the common situations in which international pupils should focus on for minimizing stress:

  • The Cultural Shock: Culture shock is the first aspect that most international students dread –right from the beginning. When you have spent your entire life in one country, had its food, lived its lifestyle, spoken its language, and spent every day in a specific pattern, life can get quite difficult in some other country altogether.

The major issue is that some of the most significant changes in your life occur as soon as you shift to a new country for higher studies. Irrespective of how excited you might be to pursue your dream education, still living abroad as an international student can be overwhelming. 

To make the most of your living abroad as an international student, you should start preparing for your life there as early as possible. Browse through videos or go through articles on the lifestyle and its culture. Once you have relevant idea of how your life is going to be, you can start preparing for your life ahead.

  • Financial Issues: Most students who pursue international studies have made it through scholarships. However, it is not financially seamless for every international student out there. Some countries tend to be quite expensive in comparison to others. Moreover, it can also be difficult for students to find the perfect balance between work and studies if they opt for working part-time to meet their ends in a new place. 
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Most students who suffer financially while living abroad tend to minimize going out or socializing in the first place. This could also lead to loneliness. The best tip here is to seek financial help or guidance from the professionals. Most universities offer access to a financial advisor who can guide you through your financial issues. Moreover, you can also search for part-time jobs or freelancing jobs to suffice your expenses.

  • The Language Barrier: Another leading factor of stress amongst international students is the language barrier. Even when the student might be fluent in the native language of the country, it can still become difficult to communicate with others due to the changes in accents and dialects. 

Things can get better as will be used to living in the new country and speaking its language quite too often. Before you decide the country for your international studies, you can research about its language and its overall ease of learning. For the best results, you can hire professional services from a leading study abroad consultancy agency.

  • Feeling of Safety in the New Country: One of the major reasons for the feeling of anxiety in international students is that they might not feel safe in the new place. There are several factors to consider while choosing your desired place of accommodation in the new country. The best recommendation is to choose the accommodation through your university. 

In case the university offers access to dorms, you can consider living there. It offers a highly safe and pleasant experience until you get to know the new place by yourself.

  • Missing Family: One of the major problems that most students pursuing their higher studies abroad tend to face is that they miss their families back home. It is never simpler to live away from home. As you start your new phase of life, you might miss your family members, your home, the food, and your overall lifestyle in general.
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It is important to focus on studies. At the same time, you can also consider socializing to some extent. Follow your passion or hobby and you will have minimal time to yourself. Arrange a call or video call with your family members to keep yourself engaged. 


Living and studying abroad is not an easy affair. With everything new around, it can get quite stressful for international students. While there are several benefits of studying abroad, you should pay attention to learning about the new ways of life in advance. The key is to be prepared from the beginning and not feel stressed out. 

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