What Causes Insomnia?

What Causes Insomnia

Many people are prone to sleep disturbances. In addition, over 35% of US adults experience problems with insomnia. Because of this, people are unable to recover their bodies normally after waking up during the day. Insomnia is a serious problem that can lead to impaired mental health and alter the functioning of internal organs. But what is the root cause? Why is insomnia a problem for so many people? Here are the main factors about what causes insomnia.


Stress is one of the main problems for many Americans. People experience this feeling due to life problems, quarrels with relatives, loss of a job, or other factors. Experiences stimulate your brain. As a result, you cannot abstract from obsessive thoughts. If a person has one or more unresolved problems, then increased stress levels can be the main cause of insomnia. In this case, you should see a doctor. By the way, students can lower their level of stress if they delegate tasks. Just pay someone to do homework. It will be a wise choice to be at ease.

Irregular Sleep Schedules

Insomnia can occur in people who do not have a regular sleep schedule. It is best if you go to bed every night at the same time. If you fall asleep at different times with breaks of 3-5 hours, you can develop insomnia. Don’t experiment with your body. Find the optimal schedule that will allow you to reduce gaps and normalize your sleep.


Many people experience insomnia due to lifestyle. Part of the problem is caused by long gaming sessions, using smartphones in bed, and partying at night. Don’t think that 10-20 minutes of rest during the day is a good idea. Insomnia manifests itself in those people who have violated the rhythm of their biological clock. 

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The point is, you can’t compensate for your lack of sleep with the extra hours you spend in bed. You will only feel overworked and will not be able to fall asleep the next night. This problem is especially relevant for students. Maybe you should order an essay and reduce the workload. Then your lifestyle will not be the cause of insomnia.

Mental Health Disorders

Mental disorders and depression can cause insomnia. The fact is that the state of the psyche directly affects the functioning of the human brain. Many diseases block the ability to fall asleep quickly. Some people experience anxiety, and their resting phases are disrupted. As a result, insomnia drains the body. Such people need urgent help and medication. Otherwise, there is a risk of developing suicidal tendencies.

Physical Illness & Pain

One of the common problems causing insomnia is body pain or physical problems. Let’s consider an example where someone breaks their arm and is forced to lie still all night not to experience pain. Physical injury and discomfort stimulate the body to stay awake. The main reason is that you will not feel pain when you control your arm position. It is this factor that can lead to insomnia. Many people have recovered from injury or illness but still, have trouble sleeping.


Many medications stimulate the increased activity of neural connections. Pain relievers and antidepressants can even cause anxiety. As a result, you can get rid of pain or mental problems but get a new challenge in the form of insomnia. As a rule, patients need to inform the doctor about the problem that has arisen immediately. The fact is that many medications need to be taken for months. If you experience insomnia for so long, it will affect your physical and mental health.

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Neurological Problems

According to a research by the Hypnotherapist Manchester, some neurodegenerative disorders, such as dementia or attention deficit disorder, can directly contribute to the onset of insomnia. Neural connections in the brain are broken, and this organ cannot function properly. In such cases, you need to use medications since the situation does not return to normal, it may take even after a month or half a year. Such problems are typical for older people. However, even adolescents can have neurological impairments.

Specific Sleep Disorders

There are many diseases like sleepwalking or sleep paralysis that directly affect the human body. Another problem is restless legs syndrome. In such cases, the person is physically unable to sleep or is in an intermediate state. Then the brain is still active and prone to overload. Unfortunately, sleep disorders are more and more common in adolescents and people under 40. Such problems can only be solved with medication.

Final Words

As you can see, insomnia has many prerequisites and associated body problems. Anyone with sleep problems should see a doctor. Early diagnosis can help identify the problem and find a potential solution. Otherwise, you run the risk of disrupting your sleep cycle and getting a lot of diseases. In any case, now you have the basic information to help you make the right decision and avoid future health problems.


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