Is Cannabis Still In Your Hair? The Hair Follicle Drug Test and How to Pass It Fast

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There you are, a recreational weed or cannabis smoker. Want to know the full definition of cannabis? Read it here. Nothing serious. You don’t have criminal records and you don’t do something stupid whenever you’ve finished smoking.

After you’ve smoked, you felt the rush and the euphoria. You forgot the stress of work and the problems at home. But even if the rush and the effects are fading, the cannabinoids which are the chemical metabolites of marijuana remain.

Things start to go downhill when your company suddenly announces that you will undergo a hair follicle test.

When the announcement was made at the office, you sat upright on your chair and you might be shocked that you are just given a few weeks to prepare. before the test. Things become complicated fast. You thought about the reasons why your test should come out negative.

One, you don’t want to be in trouble with the law. Two, you have an upcoming promotion. Three, you don’t want to go to jail.

What to Do?

The first thing that you should do is to calm down. You already smoked pot and you have to do everything you can to flush the metabolites out of your system.

So how long does marijuana stay in your strands?

In theory, THC metabolites that you get from weed can stay in your hair for years after you last light up. This is because THC is fat-soluble. But don’t fret.

There is a way for you to pass your test and you will know it later.

How Does Marijuana Go in Your Hair?

Most employers choose hair follicle test because they are highly accurate, and they can detect the patterns of a person’s abuse of illegal substances. The process works when the oil in your skin is transferred to the strands. Note that the oil came from your blood which is where most of the THC metabolites are swimming after use.

The fat solubility of THC means that it will stick to the strands longer. Get more info about THC here: fat remains long in the body even if you drink a lot of water. Most people who have more fat in their bodies will have a more difficult time getting rid of cannabis.

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What’s the Deal with Hair Follicle Drug Test?

Most companies have stuck into the tried and true method of collecting urine and blood samples from their employees. This is because many find hair follicle tests to be more expensive than the other methods.

The hair follicle test can detect the most recent use of illegal substances through the strands collected on an employee. When the hair starts to sprout, it will tell a history of the substances that you took right up until the moment that you decide to get a haircut.

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When it comes to the actual test, registered clinician or laboratory personnel will require three clumps of strands. Each clump will consist of about 50 strands. Each of the strands will be picked from the different parts of your head. If you have added any extensions, you might be required to resubmit a sample where all the strands are verified to be all yours.

If you are bald, then the clinician will opt to get the hair from your armpits or any other areas of your body. If you decided to go bald or shave everything before the test, you will arouse suspicion from your employers, so this is not a good decision. Note that if the test does not apply to you, there are still urine, blood, sweat, and saliva that can be taken from you to be considered as a sample from you.

How to Beat the Process?

If you are a heavy user and want to know aboutpassing a hair follicle drug test for THC, the good news is that you can do it by getting rid of toxins from your body.

Look for a shampoo that detoxifies your hair from THC metabolites. There are a lot of available products in the market that you can buy without breaking your bank account. Most of the shampoos are very effective because they strip the layers of the cuticle and get rid of the metabolites in no time.

Most keratin treatments, dyes, and conditioners can change some of the strands’ structure. There are outer cortexes of the hair that you need to look out for. Cleanse the cuticle and you won’t have any problems afterward. Let the product penetrate deeply in the follicle. The entire process can be damaging to your hair.

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If you have undergone treatments and you have an upcoming test, you might become under suspicion. The best thing that you can do is to make everything look natural. What you can do is you can always take a bath like normal. However, instead of using regular shampoo, use an aloe shampoo as a substitute. The product will act as a cleanser and some of them can mask the THC metabolites in your hair.

What’s Your Regimen Will Be Like?

The washing of your hair should be done 7 days a week. If possible, you should use the product twice a day. The extra use will do a deep cleansing. You can recondition your strands afterward if you notice that it starts to frizzle and dry. Use a shampoo with aloe vera. This is because the plant extract will make the strands smoother and softer.

Get More Results with Homemade Ingredients

Honest plastic bottle

There are remedies such as salicylic acid or vinegar that will cleanse your hair in no time. Lathering your strands and cleansing them will make them stay healthy. The fastest way for your strands to be rid of toxins is to choose detoxifiers and avoid contact with contaminants.

If your room is full of THC smoke from the previous week, you can try to stay at your parent’s house for the weekend. This way, you will not be exposed to pillowcases, combs, and brushes that contain traces of the metabolites. Avoiding contaminants is one way for you to cleanse your strands and get a negative result for your test.

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