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First, let me say hello to all of my readers. Today you are about to learn about the importance and big workspace of tactical knives in our daily life. I believe that everyone should carry a tactical knife or some sort of knife in general. Just think of all the useful knives that can be very helpful. For instance, Navy Seals strongly depend on their tactical knives, which are often accessible on their hip or thigh. Some Navy Seals prefer to use the Bowie Plain Blade tactical knife, while others prefer to use the tanto style, that is part plain blade and part serrated. learn more here

These tactical knives are used in various situations, such as training, fighting in combat, cutting cords, ropes from traps, wires, and even weeds while going through the jungle. Parachute jumpers and skydivers should always have a top tactical knife on standby in case a strong wind veers them off course, and into another jumper or diver, and the cords become tangled. Rock climbers should always have some sort of tactical knife on hand; preferably a serrated blade to quickly cut away ropes or cords. Accidents can happen to rookies or professional climbers at any time. One slip on the rocks can lead to tangled cords or death.

Let us not forget our scuba divers. They must always carry a serrated blade, plain blade, Bowie, tanto, or kunai knife to protect themselves from the aggressive creatures of the sea, such as sharks, alligators, crocodiles, titan triggerfish, and barracudas. Scuba divers also have to be prepared to cut away seaweed. In addition, avid surfers should also be equipped with a tactical knife, preferably a Spyderco Salt that comes in H1 steel, which will not rust. This type of knife comes in black or yellow (high viz) handles, with a serrated or plain edge style. They also come in different blade shapes and are compact and lightweight.

Fishing captains and mates have access to various tactical knives that they keep on deck while fishing. Some use a Steel header Suregrip that is 5.75 inches with a 440-C Stainless Steel body, full tang, and etched finger grips that allow for a better hold when dampened or bloody.There’s also the Rapala Fish’N Fillet knife with a birch handle, lengths 4,6, or 7 inches, and made of Swedish stainless steel and able to resist corrosion and wear. Some captains prefer using tactical knives in certain situations. I can recall being on a deep fishing trip when a tragic incident occurred. One of the fishermen yelled, “Fish on”! Sad to say, it was no fish on. It was actually a fisherman’s hand hooked instead.

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The captain told him please do not move and proceeded to meticulously cut the lines from the hooks by using his foldable serrated tactical knife. As he was cutting away, he said, “This is why I like to bring this tactical knife, for difficult situations like this I would never want to use a large knife for this kind of situation.”

I do not believe you will ever find a hunter without some sort of knife. Some hunters prefer carrying their knife attached to their hip, ankle, or thigh. Some hunters prefer knives with a compass on it for these types of situations, such as, “I’m lost moments” or the feel of a bone handle. The Benchmade Drop Point is great for everyday hunting, but when you want to get down to gutting and skinning, you might want to switch to the Benchmade Drop Point with a gut hook.

Even if you are on a budget, you can get a knife that’s been around ever since the 1800s. It’s called the Opine/Carbon Blade #8, which is perfect for cleaning small game. There is even a knife that is bright blue and it is perfect for camping and easy to fine. If any of this sounds good to your ears, the Mora Basic knife is the knife for you. There are many hunting daggers to choose from, like the folding blade, assisted opening, serrated, or plain edge.

What would a chef be without his or her favorite cutlery set of knives that are made from either Japan or Germany? Such as the J. A. Henckels Flexible boning knife, Masanobu VG-10 Damascus Santoku, or Wusthof8’ chef’s knife. Every chef must own his or her own set of elite-quality knives. It is also mandatory that they understand the purpose of each knife. For example, chef’s use a paring knife to cut small items such as fruits and vegetables. Chef also uses a serrated tactical knife for cutting foods, so that they do not harm the appearance of it. Then you have the multifunctional knife, also known as the “chef’s knife”, in which you can smash, grind, chop, slice, dice, and crack shells. A chef will be the first to tell you, that a sharp knife is a safe knife.

Women who enjoy outdoor activities such as walking, jogging, running, and even shopping should always carry abest folding tactical knife, like the CRKT M16-14SFG,SpydercoStreetbeat knife with a g-clip, 3.2 oz., Benchmade 940, Spyderco FFG or SOG instinct Mini Glo that can be worn around the neck or belt. These knives can help protect them from attackers. Some women feel more secure carrying a knife than a handgun. Having a tactical fixed blade or folding knife in their possession, and secretly hidden in her bootleg, belt, or pocketbook, may allow them to feel more safe and comfortable.

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I am now going to explain about the precision tactical knives, and the value they bring to arts and crafts, detailers, woodcarvers, and even tattoo artists. Their thin razor sharp blade, tackles complicated corners on stencils, giving professional results. Beginner artists and crafters should start with the Slice 00116 Precision Cutter Model, fixed micro-ceramic blade, and uses 100 percent zirconium oxide. It’s harderthan steel, is chemically inert, never rusts, and has a non-slip finish handle. Woodcarvers, detailers, or other professional artisans might prefer the Mlife Precision carving craft tactical knife with America carbon steel. Or they may prefer the NT Professional knives which are terrific for artisanal projects. They even have a precision tactical knife that has a retractable blade called the Excel Executive.

Nobody knows how important knives are than your surgeons. In my opinion, the scalpel or lancet is one of the sharpest instruments used for surgery. It is used for operations and non-surgical procedures. The scalpel knife is so sharp that it cuts muscles, tissues, and organ with dynamics results. They come in different weights and sizes, one time use, with a reusable blade. Again, in my opinion, scalpels should be at the top of the knife list.

Lawyers know the importance of letter openers. It is a tactical edc knife, but not an ordinary knife. It is used to slice into envelopes without damaging important letters or documents. They come in many different styles, shapes, colors, and metals.

Antique enthusiasts used to use a special kind of knife for their line of work. It was called a paper knife. This type of tactical knife was used for cutting open pages of hand-produced books, where the folding of printed sheets creates some closed edges that require severing of the paper. Whether you are carefully cutting the edge of a book to find a hidden letter or map, chopping or dicing, skinning or gutting, or carefully slicing subcutaneously for an operation. There are many different knives with a very special purpose that continue to help people every day.

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