Ready, Set, Prep! 15 Super Useful Pieces of Prepper Gear You Should Stock Up On

Ready, Set, Prep! 15 Super Useful Pieces of Prepper Gear You Should Stock Up On

If a disaster were to take place in your city or town tomorrow, would you be prepared for it?

Far too many Americans would likely be caught off-guard. Studies have shown that only about 40 percent of people prepare for natural disasters like hurricanes. So you can only imagine what might happen if an even bigger disaster took place and altered the Earth as we all know it.

If you don’t feel as though you’re prepared for a disaster scenario right now, it’s time for you to invest in prepper gear. By assembling an arsenal of prepper supplies, you’ll ensure that you’re ready to go if disaster ever does strike.

So, what exactly should be on your prepper list? Let’s take a closer look at 15 super useful pieces of prepper gear that every amateur survivalist should have stocked away.

1. Emergency Food Supply

Before you begin to prepare any other prepper gear, you should make sure that you have more than enough food set aside for a disaster situation. You should steer clear of stocking up on perishable items and opt for canned foods instead.

There are also all kinds of pantry foods that you can add to an emergency food supply. Items like peanut butter, crackers, apple sauce, and more will really come in handy if a disaster ever occurs.

In addition to setting aside food, you should also make sure you have pots, pans, and other kitchen utensils to cook your food. Your food isn’t going to do you a whole lot of good without them.

2. Rain Barrel

Outside of stocking up on food for emergencies, you should also stock up on bottled water.

You should invest in as much bottled water as you possibly can, especially if you have a family that’s on the larger side. Each person will require about one gallon of water per day during a disaster.

Bottled water isn’t going to last forever, though, regardless of how much of it you buy. So you should also purchase a rain barrel that you can use for rain collection purposes. You can use the rain for everything from bathing to potentially even drinking when used in accordance with the next item on our prepper list.

3. Water Filtration System

When your bottled water supply runs dry, you’re going to need to find another way to get enough water into your body every day. A water filtration system will solve this problem for you.

Water filtration systems will allow you to filter just about any water that you can find. You can clean the water and remove any harmful bacteria and other contaminants from it.

There are a lot of modern-day water filtration systems that are on the smaller side, too. You won’t have any trouble filtering water so that you can drink it when you use one.

4. Ferro Rod

Fire is going to be one of your best friends in a disaster scenario. You’re going to use fire for keeping warm, cooking food, providing light, and so much more.

But it’s going to be awfully difficult for you to make fires in the first place without a fire source. And a ferro rod is the perfect survivalist tool for those who want to make fires.

Unlike lighters, a ferro rod won’t ever run out of butane and stop working. You can use one in almost any condition and start a fire with it.

5. Ax

Ferro rods are incredibly useful tools. But they’re not going to be able to do their jobs if you don’t have wood for your fires.

You won’t have any trouble chopping wood when you have an ax in your survival pack. Even just a small ax should be more than enough to get the job done.

6. Camp Stove

You can buy up all the food in the world in preparation for a disaster. But if you don’t have anything to cook it with, what good is it going to be?

You can make a regular fire and cook over it if you want. But if you would like to prepare decent meals for yourself during a disaster, it’s not a bad idea to have a camp stove on hand.

7. Tent

In a perfect post-apocalyptic world (um, is there such a thing?!), your home will still be livable following a disaster. But you need to prepare for the possibility of either your home proving to be too dangerous to live in or you not being able to stay in one place for an extended period of time.

A tent will provide you with all the shelter you’ll need if you’re not able to remain in your home for whatever reason. Just do yourself a favor and check to see if it’s large enough for both you and your other family members before you rely on it.

8. Multitool

We’ve already talked about a couple tools that you should pack away with your prepper gear. But there are also other tools you should have around in the event of a major disaster.

Pliers, for example, would be nice. Scissors would be, too. And how about some wire cutters?

The problem, of course, is that you’re only going to have but so much space. So rather than trying to snatch up dozens of tools, you should buy one single multitool instead. It’ll have just about every tool you could possibly want or need in one easy-to-carry tool.

9. Self-Defense Weapons

The usual laws probably aren’t going to apply in a major disaster. The world could very well turn into a chaotic scene.

If this is the case, you need to be able to protect yourself and your family under any circumstances. You’ll need some self-defense weapons to keep you safe.

The best self-defense weapon is a gun. It’ll scare people off if they attempt to steal your food or pillage through your campsite.

But you can also go with a taser or even just a baton. Whatever you do, don’t put together prepper gear without including at least one weapon to go along with it.

10. Knife

Technically, a knife could be used as one of your self-defense weapons. But you’re going to need a knife to do more than just scare off those who try to do you and your family harm.

You’ll also need a knife for:

  • Cutting up food
  • Cutting rope
  • Cutting down brush and branches
  • And so much more

Arm yourself with a heavy-duty knife that will stand up to whatever you might throw at it. It’ll come in handy in so many different ways.

11. EMP Bag

You might think that all the electronics you have scattered throughout your home now will save you during a disaster. But in reality, those electronics might not even work!

Some of the electronics could be disabled if cell towers go down. Others could be rendered useless once they run out of battery life. And there are even electronics that will give out on you due to the damage was done by electromagnetic pulse currents.

An EMP bag from can keep your electronics protected. Radiation and electrical currents shouldn’t be able to affect them when they’re tucked inside an EMP bag.

12. Flashlight

If all of the lights in your city or town go out as a result of a power outage, you won’t have any trouble seeing during the day. But at night, it’ll be almost impossible to see anything.

Flashlights will give you your sense of sight back at any time of the day. They’ll also make it easy for you to explore buildings and look for things like food and water once your supply starts to dwindle.

13. Batteries and/or Solar Chargers

Putting a flashlight on your preppers list makes total sense. But a flashlight won’t work without batteries.

Therefore, you should fill your survival kit with lots of batteries that will fit in your specific flashlight. You should also consider picking up a few solar chargers that can be used to recharge your batteries.

14. First Aid Kit

What are you going to do if you or a member of your family is badly injured during or sometime after a disaster?

Running to the hospital or urgent care center won’t be an option. You’ll need to have a first aid kit on hand to provide yourself and others with medical care.

15. Survival Books

No matter how hardcore you are about preparing yourself for a doomsday scenario, there are going to be things you forget to do during a disaster.

Survival books can provide you with all sorts of tips. From how to use certain tools to how to forage for food and water, you can learn a lot by reading one of these books. It wouldn’t hurt to have one tucked away in case you need it.

Go Get as Much Prepper Gear as You Can Now

By building a war chest filled with prepper gear, you can make sure you and your family are prepared for any disaster that might come your way. You’ll sleep better at night knowing you have it ready to go.

Check out our blog to see some of the other things you should shop for to help your family survive your day-to-day-life.

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