Custom Copper Forgings – Hiring the Right Company for Your Project

Copper Forgings

Copper metal has been used for many ages to forge various products. The reason for this depends on the industry it is used. However, this essential metal has its shortcoming. For instance, it does not do so well with oxidation. For more on the disadvantages of copper, you can check here. As a result, copper has to be mixed with other metals and materials to suit various purposes. In such a state, such copper products are termed “copper alloy”. In this article, we will address how to know a good custom copper forgings company for your project. So, without further ado, let us get right to it Naimor.

How to Hire the Right Custom Copper Forgings Company?

Copper Forgings

Regardless of the reason you need to hire a custom copper forgings company, the following tips will help you make the right choice among the available options.

A Company That Handles Every Detail of Production

One of the ways to tell the difference between properly custom copper forgings products from a bad one is by paying rapt attention to details. The most ‘insignificant’ part of the forged product should spell perfection.

One way to achieve this is by dealing with a company that has full and direct control of every aspect of production. Note therefore that you will fare better by avoiding companies that outsource the little details to private artisans and specialized services.

Endeavour to work with a custom forging service that has every aspect of production fully in operation.

At least, the said company should be able to offer the following services: test and analysis, heat treatment, tailored machining to cater for the peculiarity of your project, and ideal packaging. As stated earlier, a service that directly controls every process of these services rather than outsourcing the tasks is better.

A Wide Range of Alloy Option

Copper is great for many things and is the reason it is used in a wide range of industries. For example, this soft, ductile, and malleable metal has an impressive electrical and thermal conductivity, making it great for electronics.

Also, the automobile, oil and gas, aerospace, HVAC… and many other industries have long benefited from the physical and chemical features of copper.

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Be that as it may, copper as a metal has its shortcoming. For instance, it is not the best option in terms of structural and physical strength.

To make up for the disadvantages, professional services that understand how this works combine this metal with other metals or materials. This way, the flaw of not dealing well with oxidation and many other shortcomings can be dealt with.

In light of this, you should only hire a company like Naimor that has a wide range of copper alloy options that you can benefit from. When you contact any company to make enquiries, this is one of the things you should ask them.

The ideal company is expected to give you a breakdown and portfolio of copper alloy options available for your specific task.


If you want to be thorough about getting the right team for your custom copper forgings tasks, then you should take this point seriously.

You need to be certain that the company has a track record of doing similar jobs well. For starters, the company should have a wealth of experience. You may want to avoid a company that doesn’t have up to 7 years of experience especially if yours is a big project.

This is simply because companies get better with time and repeat projects in this industry.

Licensing and Certification Is Non-Negotiable

Frankly, licensing and certification are some of the initial yardsticks that should be used to determine the right company or otherwise. Depending on the location, there are specific certifications, accreditations, and licenses that such companies are expected to have.

Most oversight bodies have websites with a list of registered companies. So your initial research would include checking which companies are registered and certified by the licensing office for operation. You should also ensure that the company’s status with the licensing office is up to date.

Examples of such operational certification bodies include ITAR, DNV GL, and some others, depending on the location. For more information about DNV GL in particular, you can visit:

Conclusively on this note, these licenses and certifications are valid ways to prove the company ensures safety, and that its services meet certain regulatory standards. So you should not take this one for granted.


Even the worst of companies can pull so much publicity stunt, getting you to do business with them until you have terrible tales to tell.

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So, before striking a deal with any copper forging company, search meticulously for credible reviews. This will enable you to hear from people and organizations who were previously in your shoes, positively influencing your decision to move on or backout.

Also, going all out to get positive reviews will help you know other facts. Things like the industrial calibre of their clients can help positively influence your choice. How is this?

If you discover for instance, that almost all previous clients and positive reviews are from clients in the electronic industry, and you are in the automobile sector, you may want to rethink getting them onboard. This is because their experience is mainly tilted towards an industry outside of yours.

Cost-Cutting Measures

When you get a quote from a forging service, it is expected that the pricing is low in cost and high in quality. With the right machinery, a good company will be able to avoid wastage. This will have a good effect on finances.

One way to find out if they can execute the project frugally is to do two things. First, visit the manufacturing site. This will allow you to see the machinery in place for production, as well as the team that will handle your job.

In case you stay far away and cannot afford to visit physically, you may have to settle for pictures and credible researches on the quality of machinery in place. However, if possible, visiting physically is your best option.

Secondly, considering more than one custom copper forging company will enable you to determine which option is best for you. This way, using the several yardsticks shared here, you will be able to tell which service suits your project best.


Are you in need of a custom copper forgings service?

Frankly, we agree that this is a delicate operation that cannot be trusted to inexperienced and incapable hands. As a result, we have shared tips that should help you identify the right team for your project.

By following these tips that we have shared in this article, you should have yourself a team that would be able to get your job done.

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