Why Aftermarket Lights Are the Best Option

Aftermarket Lights Best Option

Headlights are one of the most critical safety items on your vehicle. Whether you typically drive at night or hit unexpected fog during the day, headlights keep the road visible and keep your vehicle visible for other drivers. Find out why aftermarket lights for trucks and cars are a better option than stock headlight options.

What Does Aftermarket Mean?

Every original part was meticulously chosen by the manufacturer of your vehicle. Those parts, however, needed to balance performance, reliability and affordability. From brakes for cars to headlights, original equipment manufacturers had to make decisions that were best for your vehicle at its original price.

Aftermarket parts are designed to offer improved performance in one or more factors. In terms of headlights, these could mean one or more of the following benefits:

  • Improved visibility
  • Extended lifetime
  • Reduced cost

Improving Visibility

One of the most important features of aftermarket headlights is visibility. A high-lumen light bulb increases the distance you can safely see as you drive at night or in low-visibility conditions.

Improving visibility doesn’t come without drawbacks. For some drivers, the brightest lights may not be the best. These bright options can be very uncomfortable for other drivers, so you may want to consider a balance between high visibility and the safety of other drivers.

Types of Aftermarket Lights

Unlike exact fit seat covers, aftermarket headlights come in many styles that all have their own pros and cons. Compare these main types to see for yourself which type best fits your driving experience:

  • Halogen
  • LED
  • HID
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Halogen bulbs typically come as standard in your vehicle, but you can choose other styles from aftermarket manufacturers. These bulbs are the most affordable and routine for your ride, but don’t offer as long of a lifetime or as bright of light as the other two styles.

LED lights are becoming one of the more popular aftermarket styles. These lights are incredibly bright and incredibly long lasting. They’re so bright, however, that they’re best used for off-road situations to avoid distracting other drivers.

HID bulbs are very bright as well, though not as bright as LED options. They turn on almost immediately, but can take a few minutes to reach their full brightness.

How To Find the Best Headlights

Compare for yourself which headlights offer the best features for your vehicle. Consider whether you’re preparing for off-road situations, looking for the most affordable bulbs or trying to improve your low-light visibility on the highway. These factors can help you compare HID, LED and halogen options from leading brands.

Once you find the style you want, it’s important to sort through bulb sizes. Headlights use different bulbs than other automotive lights, and many makes and models have their own styles. For a convenient shopping experience, use an online store catalog. Enter your make, model and year of vehicle to sort out bulbs that don’t fit your ride.

Order Your New Lights Online

Check out customer ratings and reviews today to prepare for a simple light bulb replacement project. Swap out your burnt-out or inefficient bulbs today to see clearly and stay safe on the road.

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