Sodding 101: Advantages of Installing a Sod Lawn

Sodding 101: Advantages of Installing a Sod Lawn

Everyone is after the picture-perfect lawn; the type of lawn that’s so lush, your neighbors will stare out their front door in envy.

The lawn with grass so green, it looks like your front yard was transferred directly from a Major League Baseball stadium’s outfield. What homeowner wouldn’t want that?

The only problem is that most homeowners don’t have the time money for the man-hours required to create and upkeep a perfect lawn… This is why you should consider a sod lawn!

Sodding can be a very rewarding process that will have you smiling all spring-and-summer long.

The Top Benefits of Sodding Your Lawn

Sod lawns give you all the perks with far less hassle. Read on for a list of top reasons sodding your yard can be the best decision you’ve ever made!

Minimal Patience Required

You’ve undoubtedly seen someone installing a sod lawn: rolling out layers of grass as if they were rolling out the red carpet and fitting it like a giant puzzle.

What you may not have realized is… that’s the entire duration of the sod lawn installation process. Sure, there’s MUCH more time and energy that goes into getting it to that point, but you don’t have a hand in that part!

You, as the buyer and homeowner, are rewarded with a beautiful lawn instantaneously and only have to wait an average of 2-3 weeks for the sod to be ready for the summer wear-and-tear.

While 2 weeks may seem like an eternity, it’s nothing compared to the months (even years) it may take for you to see major changes in planting and growing your own grass.

Let the sod farmers take care of the growing phase for you so that you can reap the immediate benefits and never look back!

Less of a Mess

The worst nightmare of any lawn caretaker is to spend all those hours planting, watering, and growing the grass in their lawn, only to find mud pockets and divots in their hard work the first time it rains.

Sodding lawn helps the roots develop a strong bond with the ground beneath it very quickly, which depletes the mud and dirt’s exposure to the rain.

Also, if you’re hiring experts to lay down your new sod for you, they’ll get rid of any glaring holes or pockets in your yard before laying down the sod to provide a flat surface for the grass to grow on top of.

You’ve spent your precious time and energy on this project; you don’t want to see that undone by mother nature!

Expert Supervision

Even if you choose to install the sod yourself, you can be sure that the grass you’re laying down has been carefully watched as it has grown.

From the beginning stages of tilling the soil in the prep stage, to harvesting the fully-grown turf and readying it for your yard: they’ve seen it all the way through!

Lawn care is a skill that’s mainly acquired through trial-and-error, a process that not many Americans have the time to go through. Sod provides an excellent way of skipping that step and buying the finished product from those in the know.

Sod farmers oversee the entirety of the process and only sell the pieces that match up to their high standards. Shop here for helpful information and tips on which kind of sod may work best for your lawn.

It Provides Cleaner Air

Yes, you read that correctly… Sod, or grass in general, will provide you with more oxygen.

The sod acts as a filter that ingests carbon dioxide floating through the air, and releases oxygen back into the atmosphere for us to breathe.

If you’re still debating whether improving your lawn situation is truly worth it, consider the health benefits that come along with it. If you or your family have a history of breathing troubles, having a fuller yard can help.

The grass in your yard can also help lower and maintain the dust levels, which can also greatly improve your outdoor experience.

Easier Maintenance

Say no more, right?

Of course, all the short-term questions come to mind when debating sod vs seed: Which one’s more expensive? Who’s going to be installing the grass? How can I get the lawn I want, faster?

Another valuable question that needs to be on that list: Which one requires less upkeep?

The answer: Sod, by a longshot!

First off, sod lawns don’t often have weeds popping up. Which means less random trips to the nearest home improvement store for you for weed-b-gone.

Seeding your lawn is a tedious process, and if the seed doesn’t grow in certain areas, you’ll have to buy more seeds and turf builder to compensate. Those kinds of expenses can add up quickly, and have you paying more over time.

Get Started on Your Dream Lawnscape Today!

Making this big decision will get you one step closer to the dream yard that you’ve always wanted!

But remember, it’s important to consider what type of sod and installation process is the best fit for your situation and timeline. Not even sodding happens overnight, take the time to find the right fit for your ideal yard setup.

You want the greenest lawn in the neighborhood, and you’ll have it soon enough.

Be sure to check out the rest of our blog for more insight and ideas on your front and back yard layout!

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