7 Unique and Memorable Wedding Gift Ideas

7 Unique and Memorable Wedding Gift Ideas

It’s officially wedding season!

If you’re racking up the invites to summer nuptials, it’s time to start assembling your wedding guest attire. It’s also probably time to think about gifts.

You don’t have to bring a gift to a wedding. However, even contemporary etiquette suggests that wedding gifts are still par for the course.

Most wedding guests take the easy route and tuck some cash into a congratulatory card. Money is always appreciated, but you may be on the hunt for something extra memorable.

Keep reading for some clever wedding gift ideas sure to take the cake!

1. Custom Luggage

If the bride and groom have some wanderlust in them, why not gift them with a custom luggage set?

Custom luggage has the advantage of being both personal and useful, especially if the couple anticipates honeymooning right after their big party! Depending on where you source your luggage, consider engraving pieces with the couple’s initials.

If you’re a guest on a budget, don’t worry: you can still dazzle the newlyweds with some trip-worthy luggage.

Browse chic carry-ons, for example, or go the practical route and wrap up some packing cubes. You can even seek out customizable luggage tags for a sweet but cost-effective gift!

For an added bonus, fill those luggage pieces with small things the bride and groom will be likely to use on a trip. Pack a snorkel and a set of towels, for example, if they’ll be honeymooning in Hawaii. Or slip in some gift cards to some of their favorite places, near and far.

Not sure where to find custom luggage? For the most unique options, seek out online creative retailers like Etsy or Luggage Pros. More luxurious options are best found at local leather shops.

2. Wine Club Membership

For couples who love to sip, consider a wine club membership. This can be with a local winery, boutique wine supply store, or an online company.

Wine club memberships give even the most advanced vino aficionados a chance to discover new wines from all over the world!

Even a basic online wine club membership, for example, can supply the bride and groom with two bottles of fine wine a month. These are often customizable, too, enabling members to set their preferences for types of wines (whites, reds, domestic, foreign, etc.).

Local wine club memberships may also come with added perks, depending on where the newlyweds will be living. Wine clubs in wine country, for example, offer members discounts on select wines, free winery tours, and monthly glasses.

Before you go this route–or give a gift with any alcohol involved–do make sure that the couple is likely to appreciate it first! If you’re unsure, stick with some of the other options in this post.

3. Airbnb Gift Card

Airbnb gives everyone an opportunity to explore over 6 million unique places around the world. Plus, these places are designed to suit most budgets, presenting a comfortable alternative to hotels.

You don’t have to be an international traveler to use Airbnb, either. Plenty of domestic road trippers use this platform as a means of finding comfortable rooms and helpful hosts.

Airbnb now offers gift cards to users! Set your newlyweds up for traveling success with one of these gift cards, set to any amount you desire.

Keep in mind that Airbnb isn’t just about accommodation. You can also book “experiences” through AirBnB ta a destination of choice, such as food tours, cooking classes, water sports, and more.

The bride and groom will have to set up profiles on Airbnb in order to use the platform. If this is a non-issue, go out and snatch that gift card today!

4. A Subscription Service

Netflix isn’t the only subscription service out there. Other companies now offer all kinds of monthly deliverables for nominal fees.

For example, the Dollar Shave Club is ideal for groom gifts. This subscription service delivers cutting-edge (pun intended) razors and shaving supplies to male subscribers for a crazy low price!

Try the World, another subscription service, brings food items from all over the world to your doorstep. Or there’s Nicely Noted, a company that delivers custom stationary boxes on a monthly basis.

The sky is the limit when it comes to these. Want to send monthly flowers? Candles? Candy? Clothes? There’s a service for that the bride and groom will likely adore!

5. Plants

Celebrate those nuptials with the ultimate symbol of life: plants! While challenging to wrap, plants are an affordable, unique wedding gift solution likely to make any couple smile.

Plus, you can stick them in any pot imaginable!

Gift the bride and groom a tray of tiny potted succulents. Or fill that gift table with some urban air plants. For a more nostalgic gift, wrap up some wildflower seeds or tie a bow around a small sapling.

6. Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are the ultimate wedding gift! They come already wrapped, decorated, and fully stocked with everything the newlyweds are likely to enjoy.

What’s more, you can customize gift baskets to your heart’s content, based off of the bride and groom’s preferences. If the newlyweds are foodies, deliver a gift basket of chocolate-covered strawberries, cured meats, or fine cheeses.

Or surprise them both with a spa day gift basket. Yes, these do exist! Check out these gift baskets to learn more.

7. Event Tickets

For the newlyweds who regularly attend concerts, festivals, and other performances, tuck a few event tickets into that card. This is another unique, cost-effective gift option for wedding guests.

Does the bride adore Coldplay? Find out if they’ll be in town anytime soon. Or perhaps the groom has a passion for Mozart. Gift him some symphony tickets!

If you aren’t sure what performances the newlyweds are into, you can always go the gift card route. Ticketfly, for example, offers gift cards to users.

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

Checks are nice, but when it comes to wedding gifts, why not be extra memorable?

The wedding gift ideas in this post are all customizable, personal, and unique. Wrap up any them and you’ll be sure to impress any couple!

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