A Best Man’s Definitive Guide to Planning a Stag Do

A Best Man's Definitive Guide to Planning a Stag Do

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You just got a text from your best buddy saying that he wants you to be his best man. Being the loyal friend that you are, you happily agreed.

Congrats! You’re now officially part of the Best Man’s circle. Like the other best men out there, you have to face plenty of responsibilities.

From here on, you will be the groom’s wardrobe and wedding speech adviser. He might also need your feedback on the wedding ring.

Most importantly, you’re tasked to plan a memorable stag do for the big guy.

To make sure that you get everything right, you should check out our definitive stag do checklist.

Setting the perfect schedule

Before you plot a schedule for all the fun activities, you need to consult the groom. Pick a schedule that works best for everyone.

Gone are days when stag parties are done the night before the wedding. You must pick a schedule at least two weeks before the matrimonial ceremony,

Do this so you have enough time to do damage control.

It’s best to avoid seeing the groom heavily intoxicated while walking down the aisle or worse, missing the last flight home because everyone forgot to set the alarm.

Create the invitation list

It’s highly likely that you know everyone on the guest list, most especially if you frequently hang out together. But, the groom might want to invite some people outside of your circle. For example, he might want to call in his work buddies or long-lost cousins. 

Because you’re handpicked to be the groom’s best guy, you also need to get to know every lad on his stag party guest list. You need to have their basic contact information so you can send them the planning updates or travel itinerary.

You might also need to look into their personal preferences. Know which guest aren’t too keen on traveling abroad or going on a week-long road trip.

Setting the budget

Now that you have your guest list and your tentative stag do schedule, you need to start considering the budget. How much is it going to cost? What will be the key expenses of the group? How much do you have to pay for the accommodations? How about the club passes, booze and food? Are you going to wear costumes?

Consider everything. You also need to determine where the budget will come from. How much will each guest contribute? Are they willing to shell out cash? Will the groom provide a budget?

Regardless of the size of your budget, you can have a wide selection of activities to choose from.

Time to choose the party theme

A Best Man's Definitive Guide to Planning a Stag Do

Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

You can never really run out of stag party ideas. There is a perfect party theme for every kind of groom-to-be. In choosing the party theme or activities, you must consider the preferences of the entire group.

Do the guests like heart-pumping activities like kart racing or paintballing? Do they prefer traveling and checking out awesome destinations? Below are some of the best stag party activities:

#1 Shoot some zombies

If the groom loves zombie apocalypse games and movies then he will enjoy a zombie-themed party. Here is BRISBANE STRIP SHOWS.

You can go to a Zombie Bootcamp to enjoy an extreme and unique experience. A typical zombie bootcamp offers an action-packed overnight package. The stag party members can bring out their The Walking Dead fandom.   

#2 Old School Stripper Show

Many stag do celebrants want to celebrate their last night of freedom with a night of entertainment with an exotic female dancer.

This type of party is fairly easy to arrange. You can call a party vendor to book the package and choose the props and costume. You can also choose the party venue.   

#3 Weekend Road Trip

Does the groom love going on long road trips? Try arranging a weekend road trip for him. Aim to plan the ultimate road trip.

You should choose the best destination in your country. If you have enough budget, you can even fly to Belfast, Ireland, or Southwest England.   

Don’t forget to book the accommodations and transport

Once you prepared the rest of the items above, you should also double check your accommodations. Did your booking come through?

Check the booking dates and included amenities too! The groom and guests should have a safe and secured accommodation for the weekend.

Don’t forget to arrange group hotel transports too. Some stags tend to forget where they checked in when they’re heavily intoxicated.

You’re in charge!

A Best Man's Definitive Guide to Planning a Stag Do

Photo by Tom Pumford on Unsplash

It’s your responsibility to take care of the groom. You also need to know where to draw the line. There have been many cases where stag party members got reprimanded by the authority.

It may be quite challenging to plan your best bud’s bachelor party. But, with proper planning, you’ll do just fine. 

Follow our checklist above and you can easily start your party planning. You can make improvisations here and there so you can accommodate everyone’s needs. Are you finally ready to plan your best friend’s stag party?

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