Why an All-In-One Wedding Invitations Are the Easy Way Get RSVPs Back from Your Guests

All-In-One Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are a necessary evil of any wedding preparation. On the one hand, they are outdated customs that are a hindrance and time sink in the modern, fast-paced lifestyle. On the other side of the coin, they are endearing and have a sentimental value to them. By sending a formal invite to someone, you are indirectly signaling that “having you along on our special day was so important, that we put actual effort, money and time into inviting you.”

Luckily, sending invites isn’t as much of a struggle as it used to be, thanks to a little invention known as the all-in-one wedding invitation. They make the whole process efficient, don’t require much effort, and most importantly, are considerably cost-efficient. They are also way more convenient for getting RSVPs.

What are all-in-one wedding invitations?

All-in-one wedding invitations are smartly designed invitation cards. They are designed from the ground up to be time-efficient and easy to work with. All you have to do is fold them up, and put them in the mail. No more would you have to struggle with loads of little trinkets and decoration papers, or even envelopes for that matter, as the address of the recipient is already printed on the invitation card itself. They also include convenient tear-off RSVP wedding invitations. They are, however, a little big for standard postage, so you might have to check with your local delivery service for more information regarding the sending process.

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How do they help with getting RSVPs?

Before we look into how all-in-one wedding invitations improve the process of getting RSVPs, we have to understand what they actually are.

RSVPs and their importance:

In essence, an RSVP is a confirmation of arrival from the invitation receiver. These are essential components of any wedding plan, as weddings are planned months in advance. Knowing exactly how many people are arriving at the wedding makes the whole preparation process a whole lot easier.

If a guest fails to properly deliver their RSVP, they are creating an inconvenience for everyone. For example, if they say that they are coming but don’t show up, all the resources and money spent for them will be utterly wasted. On the other hand, if the guest doesn’t send an RSVP and decides to show up anyways, they will be taking up resources from other guests who did inform their arrival beforehand.

Advantage of using all-in-one wedding proposals:

The all-in-one wedding invitations are also known as the tear-off RSVP wedding invitations. As the name suggests, they contain an east-to-tear section that can easily be sent back to the, soon to be married, couple without any additional hassle. All the guest has to do is to check the appropriate box (accept or deny) and mail it back. This will not only be convenient for the guest but will also lead to a better organization for the planning.

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Another, arguably better, the part about all-in-one invites is their online RSVP features. A website is printed on the invitation that will lead the guests to an accept or deny webpage.

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