Is It Safe to Leave Your Pets in Pet Hotels?

Pets in Pet Hotels

I’ll start this article in the standard way they usually do. A pet is not simply an animal for most keepers. The majority of owners treat their pets as family members, no matter if it is a dog, a cat, a bird, or a lizard. They love their pups and kitties, so a bet is bound to get all the best a keeper can find. Lets have a look at whether it is Safe to Leave Your Pets in Pet Hotels or not.

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But sometimes, things turn out differently: you need to leave a pet for more than a day or

It’s not always possible to ask your friends to take care of your little family members. Some people find it’s not an option to hire pet sitters and let people they don’t know to access their pets and houses. What remains in their sight are pet hotels. And then, the question arises: are pet hotels safe?

See two shortlists mentioning and explaining the main pros and cons of every pet hotel. Consider them carefully when thinking about the way to take care of your beloved animal properly while you are away.


Modern pet hotels are not just random places to accommodate your dog or cat. Nowadays, it is an entire industry with certain levels of competition. So, all pet hotels have reasons to develop the quality of their services and to attract new clients with bonuses, the skills of their staff members, and more. Here are the main pros of a good pet hotel.

Yes, Safety

See the answer to that main question bothering you at once. Yes, it is safe to leave your pet at their hotel if the feedback you see online is not overwhelmingly negative. Think about that: if pet hotels were dangerous, would they gain such a high level of demand among keepers? The point is an industry not interesting to clients can’t grow. Pet hotels grew up notably within recent years, so more and more users can count on safe and top-quality services from them.

In fact, a good pet hotel is even safer than asking a friend to take care of your pet. Skilled and qualified hotel workers won’t hurt your animal.

Normal Routine

Leaving your pet alone with a friend coming once or twice a day at home breaks their daily schedule entirely. Though a new place will be unusual and strange for an animal in any case, there will always be a qualified care specialist who will know them, visit them frequently, and let them know they are not left alone forever. That will reduce the level of an animal’s stress significantly.

Regular Care and Feeding

This is probably the most important advantage of pet hotels, only second to the overall safety. In a specialized hotel, staff members will feed your animal with the best and properly balanced foods, walk, groom, and pet them as much as it is necessary to comfort a pet. No friend or even pet sitter can offer 24/7 care and observation. Pet hotels do.


Despite all the good features a pet hotel has to offer, there still exist certain lacks. It’s a pity, but nothing is perfect in this world. You should keep in mind the following cons when leaving a pet in a special hotel.  


Change of environment is a default source of stress and anxiety for an animal. A pet getting pulled out from the place they are used to and moved into a new location will be stressed even if their keeper is nearby all the time. The fact that you are away makes it even more challenging for a pet to make it through the trial.

Fortunately, pet hotel staff members know about the problem and do whatever is possible to make pets feel comfortable. Specialists will become friends with any animal. To add some more comfort, leave an animal’s favorite toy, mat, or some clothes with your smell in their temporary hotel room. That’ll counter the stress feelings and reduce its effect on your pet.

Risk of Infection

A pet hotel means there are many pets. All those pets are animals you don’t know. So, this point has to be mentioned: you are never sure that the pets staying there along with your animal are entirely healthy. And there always is a risk for your animal to get infected with parasites or diseases from the others.

Again, a high-quality pet hotel keeps animals isolated from each other and conducts proper disinfection procedures in rooms after a particular animal leaves a place. So, if your hotel has no reputation issues or negative feedback, there is nothing to worry about.  


Leaving your pet at a special hotel will almost surely be more expensive than hiring a sitter. However, a hotel is less likely to have an emergency preventing it from maintaining its functions or letting you and your pet down for any other reason. The additional cost can be considered as a payment for guarantees and reliability.

To Conclude

Again, pet hotels are safe enough to leave a pet there. If a hotel has a reputation, good customer feedback, and no past issues, you can be sure a pet will be okay there. Despite the additional costs and stress, the level of care, security, and comfort for animals there is superior.


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