8 Details You Must Include Making An Excellent Wedding Invitation

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A wedding is one of the most awaited events for everyone. Guests and families come together to bless the couple and celebrate their special day. Thus, the wedding invitation should be equally special to complement the wedding. A wedding invitation card may seem like a simple task, yet it demands meticulous planning. A wedding invitation card needs to present the information crisply and attractively.

Thus, it becomes essential that you spend a reasonable amount of time to create an unforgettable invitation card. You can also get help from an online invitation maker to ease your task of creating a memorable wedding invitation video. One might struggle to pinpoint exact information that needs to be included in the invitation card; you do not want to miss out on important information as that can ruin the essence of your wedding card.

There are some aspects while preparing a wedding invitation card. The most important thing that is displayed in a wedding invitation card is the actual invitation wordings. So, just try to keep the wordings simple yet catchy.

Let’s have a look at these eight essential details that should be present on a wedding invitation card to make it exceptional.

The first line on the first page

Now, this is the page where you have to be a lot creative. Names of parents or guardians should be on the very first page. It is better to include the full names of parents or hosts here. Start the first page with a catchy line of invitation and names of hosts. Keep the sentence short and simple and they will do the rest of the work for you.

The invitation lines

After the host’s names, you have to include a line that gives an actual invitation to the wedding. Try to create phrases that look both traditional and modern. Instead of regular lines, try to create a unique phrase for the invitation part. Decide whether the invitation given is formal or informal. An informal invitation line can be casual.

Introduction of groom and bride

On a wedding invitation card, it’s obvious that the names of both groom and bride should be introduced. Though, take care of the spellings, as this would be the last thing that you would want on your wedding. So keep a perfect introduction of both groom and bride in this section. Also, focus on the font style and size to be used while writing the names.

The venue, time and date of the wedding

Guests should know when and where they are supposed to attend the grand event. The date, month, and year should be visible in bold on the card. It is better to include the year as it denotes a valuable approach of invitation. The venue should be written below the date. Consider giving details of venues such as nearby landmarks or postcodes in the card. You can also provide a small map of the venue so that guests can arrive at the place conveniently.

Invitation for the post-wedding ceremony

On the wedding day, there are numerous functions like reception, dance party, etc. Thus you must include them in your wedding invitation to give a glance at what your guests can expect on the day.

RSVP section

If you need confirmation of arrival from guests, include an RSVP section on the invitation card. The RSVP section may include your contact number, email, or any sort of communication mode so that the conformation can reach you.

Nowadays, online wedding invites are in trend. You can upload your wedding invitation on Youtube and ask your guests to RSVP there at the end of the video. There are various Youtube video editors available online that would aid you in making an online invitation video very easily and quickly.

Food and drinks

If you are arranging some special meals, then you can inform your guests about it. Some guests would prefer to get notified about the meals that are going to be served at the event. If drinks are served, then you can mention it in this section.

Design of invitation card

Once you have prepared the rough matter of the invitation, you can proceed with the design and format of the card. There are thousands of designs to choose from. According to your preferred theme, you can select fonts, theme, and design for the invitation content. You can match your invitation card as per the theme of your wedding.

For example, if it is a beach wedding, you can make the invitation card using colors that resemble the ocean. Also, make sure that your wedding invitation looks spacious and unique.

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