Looking for Someone to Do Yard Work: How to Decide Whether to Hire or DIY

Looking for Someone to Do Yard Work: How to Decide Whether to Hire or DIY

Americans spend over $29 billion on their yard every year.

That’s a lot of money by anyone’s standards! Maintaining a great garden is clearly important to many Americans around the country.

Not everyone has spare cash lying around to invest in the upkeep of their yard though. For many, it’s a DIY affair.

That said, it can be tricky to decide what’s best. Sometimes, the time required is better spent elsewhere. It would make more sense to simply pay someone to do it. How do you decide what to do?

Are you looking for someone to do yard work? Keep reading to learn how to decide whether or not to just do it yourself.

When to Hire or DIY When Looking for Someone to Do Yard Work

Sometimes it’s hard to know whether you should do it yourself or pay someone for their time. Here are 4 considerations to help.

1. The Cost

Money is a big consideration when it comes to household jobs.

Sure, it would be nice to pay someone to do it. But the support isn’t cheap. Lawn mowing, tree stump removal, hedge trimming and so on can be expensive. Gutters need a clean too? The roof cleaning cost is another expense to cover.

However, DIY options aren’t free either. You have to buy the equipment, tools, and supplies to do the job properly. This option is likely to be cheaper overall though. They’re one-off expenses that you can use over and over again.

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2. The Time

How much is your time worth to you?

Imagine how much you’d charge per hour to do the job. Let’s say you’d charge $20 per hour (plus the cost of materials). Obviously, that adds up to $40 for two hours’ work.

Now consider how much the actual person doing the job is charging. If it’s less than $40, then you could consider it value for money. After all, it frees up your time to spend it how you wish.

3. The Alternatives

Think of everything you could do while someone does the yard job for you.

Time with family, watching the game, hitting the gym, catching up on emails…Anything is possible with the time in hand. If there’s nothing compelling you want to do though, then consider doing the work yourself.

4. The Amount of Work

When was the last time you tended to the yard?

There might be a lot that needs doing. The lawns may be overgrown, the weeds may have got out of hand, the flowers need dead-heading, and bushes need trimming…

Are you willing to do it? Really? Paying someone with the skills and resources to do it will obviously save you the time and effort required.

Time to Wrap Up

There you have it: 4 DIY or hire considerations when you’re looking for someone to do yard work.

Americans spend billions of dollars every year on their gardens. However, most of the time it’s on jobs they could do themselves. Not everyone has the cash to hand to do the same. It can be tricky to decide if it’s worth the expense.

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Hopefully, the considerations above have helped you figure out the best option.

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