What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident: 5 Things You Should Know

What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident: 5 Things You Should Know

Being a victim of a slip and fall accident can become very costly, and if a business or another person was the reason behind your injuries, then you may not have a choice but to file a lawsuit against the one who caused your trauma. In this guide, we are going to talk about what to do after you get hurt and how to get the law on your side.

What to Do After the Accident

After you got hurt, what you do after that is critical to the outcome of your potential case. The scene where the injury happened and what kind of medical treatment you received after you slipped and fell. The information will make or break what happens when you sue the defendant and their insurance company for compensation.

Here we will tell you what to do after you have been in a slip and fall accident and the steps you must take to get the justice you deserve.

Get Medical Attention

Not only does going to the hospital essential to make sure that you do not have any severe injuries, but it is also critical to have the evidence to take your case to court. If you get hurt in a slip and fall accident, the most vital step you can take is to document the injuries so you can take the evidence to a slip and fall expert. Your doctor can provide an attorney with the proper documents to prove you received your injury at their business.

Another thing to recognize is that sometimes we do not acknowledge the extent of our injuries, and many people do not realize that they are more injured than they think. Many injuries are not evident at first, then after a few days is when you start to notice things — the best way to find out how severe the trauma is until you see your doctor.

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Inspect the Area

Now that you had your accident reported to the proper authorities, it is time to inspect things to find out what caused your fall. There are several questions that you need to ask while assessing the area where you got your injury.

  1. Was there a display at the location, where it was easy for a person to trip over?
  2. Did something spill in the area and it wasn’t cleaned up right away?
  3. Was there a special event where too many people went into the area at once?

Plaintiffs should inspect the area where they fell right after it happens so that they can pinpoint the actual cause of their injuries. It can also help you tell employees and business owners what they can do differently to prevent future injuries.

Take Pictures of the Scene and Document Everything

It’s essential to take photos, document the names, addresses, emails, phone number, and statements from potential witnesses who saw what happened to you. Also, you should take a lot of pictures of not only the injury but of the area where you fell so your lawyer will have all the evidence in case you decide to file a lawsuit.

Be sure to write down everything that you did before the accident, during and after it happened. Make sure that you record the time and date of when the incident occurred, as well as other details, so you have records to give to your lawyer. Written documentation is an essential piece of evidence that can help your attorney present your case in court.

Attorneys suggest that you put the clothes and shoes that you were wearing in a safe place because these can be a critical source of evidence in a court case.

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Do Not Give Any Statements

The best thing you should do in a situation where you are injured is to keep calm and not say a lot to the business owners or employees. Leave any details of the accident off of social media and don’t give any statements to their insurance company before you speak with a lawyer. Last but not least, never give blame- whether it’s yourself or to the defendant.

Call a Qualified Lawyer

If you are considering going to court over your injuries, then make sure you contact a top attorney to handle your case. Because most cases that involve injuries are rather complicated, you need someone who knows what they’re doing on your side. With the right track record, you can receive the compensation and justice that you deserve.

Were You Hurt in a Slip and Fall?

Many people who get hurt in a slip and fall accident are not sure what to do after it’s happened. They seek assistance to help them navigate the laws to receive compensation and finding justness when they go to court.

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