Stump It Out: 5 Reasons You Need to Remove Tree Stumps

Stump It Out: 5 Reasons You Need to Remove Tree Stumps

You cut down that old tree blocking your view, but now you’re left with a stump.

It’s tempting to just let it be — after all, it’s just a stump. It can’t do any harm and it’s not blocking the view from your window anymore. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

You might want to give that old stump another look. Turns out, stumps in your yard could be causing trouble you won’t see until it’s too late. Taking it out now can save time, money, and innumerable headaches.

Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons for getting rid of those old tree stumps.

Pest Control

Tree stumps are a bit like open wounds. They’re breeding grounds for all kinds of nastiness that you’d rather keep out of your yard.

They are more susceptible than full-grown trees to disease too. And once the disease takes root in your stump, it can spread easily to other trees and plants on your property.

Not to mention that insects love tree stumps. The last thing you need is bugs eating their way through your flowerbeds.

Curb Appeal

Remember High School picture day, when you had the perfectly coiffed hair, the curated outfit…and the massive zit that popped up the morning of?

Stumps are like that.

They’re an aesthetic blight on otherwise lovely landscaping, lowering its curb appeal and even your property value. Stump removal can keep the value and appeal of your house high.

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Landscaping Maintenance

Ever tried to run a lawnmower over a tree stump? Chances are that if you did, you now own a new lawnmower.

Tree stumps love to be in the way. They make edging, mowing, and even weeding difficult since you have to work around the old tree growth.

Playtime Safety

Ever watched kids at play? They pay attention to their surroundings about 12 percent of the time. Otherwise, their eyes are everywhere but where they are going.

A tree stump is an invitation to twist an ankle or break a tibia. One trip can send a child flying. If it’s your own child, you’re looking at a pricy trip to the ER; if it’s someone else’s child, you might be looking at a pricy trip to court.

Population Control

The term “Cut it off at the root” exists for a reason. If you leave roots in the ground, it doesn’t matter how much of the tree you cut off at the top. Roots mean new growth, and eventually, that old stump will turn into new trees.

Now instead of one old stump, you have six new saplings that have to be removed. More expensive and more trouble than just having the stump removed in the first place.

Get Rid of Those Tree Stumps!

Tree stumps have to come out. Leaving them in place is asking for disease, vermin, and bodily injury. Get the stumps out and go back to enjoying your beautiful, stump-free garden.

For more about keeping your property beautiful, take a look here.

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