Clearabee: Rubbish Removal Done Right

Clearabee: Rubbish Removal Done Right

If you haven’t taken a moment to clean out your wardrobe lately, you might be surprised at just how much is in there. In fact, most people find an abundance of old t-shirts, shirts and even jeans they just know they’re never going to wear again. If this has happened to you, well, you’re not alone. The estimated cost of unwanted clothing in the UK is estimated to be at around £30 billion, which, we can all agree, is a pretty sizable sum. It’s also reckoned £140 million goes into landfill each year. So what, if anything, can we do to reduce this amount of waste?

Swap and Share

They say, one person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure. Rubbish removal should, of course, always be handled properly, but, in the meantime, why not create a clothing exchange with friends and family? The general idea is to have a party where everyone invited brings a few items of clothing they no longer want. Then, you can all take turns selecting something you like. You can maybe even model it for each other! The main thing, though, is that you can all freshen up your wardrobe without spending a penny, or, crucially, sending anything to landfill.


Lately, restyling old clothing has never been more fashionable, with a range of online blogs leading the way. It’s a creative way of helping the environment that people really seem to enjoy, perhaps because it enables them to make something that’s very much exclusive and personal. The thing to remember is that nothing is off-limits, and any garment can be altered, significantly extending its life-span, and, in the process, allowing its owner to fall in love with it all over again.

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Rags to Riches

If you want to see your old clothing avoid landfill and enjoy a second life, then your local charity shop is a perfect way to make that happen. The trick, however, is to only give them clothing that’s in a good enough condition someone will want to buy it. Otherwise, charity shops are just a convenient way to offload your old stuff without really taking responsibility for it. And the truth is, there’s plenty that can be done with even the oldest, most worn clothing currently languishing at the back of your wardrobe.

Get Creative!

If an item of clothing is perhaps too old to go to the charity shop, it can be used around the house instead. For instance, an old t-shirt can become a cleaning rag. Or, an old skirt can be turned into an apron. Basically, with a little know-how, there are a million different ways to reduce the amount of landfill you create. And if you do need to do a clean-out, then there’s always a way to do it responsibly.

Rubbish Removal You Can Rely On

Clearabee have developed a form of rubbish removal that means 90% of what they collect is directed away from landfill. Theirs is an entirely eco-friendly approach that you can trust, one which focuses on recycling, upcycling and the proper disposal methods so you don’t have to worry. They have a long and proud history of making sure their method of rubbish removal is as healthy for the environment as it can possibly be. So, whatever you need, they’re on hand to provide all kinds of good advice on doing things the right way, every time, without exception, and with the minimum of fuss.

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