5 Tips to Lighting up Your Home like a Professional

5 Tips to Lighting up Your Home like a Professional

Lighting is both functional and decorative, making it an important aspect of any home. It can draw your visitors’ attention to its highlights and be an attractive centerpiece to any room. Due to the impact lighting has in the house, Designer lighting has increasingly become popular.

Who wouldn’t love to stay in a well-lighted home with lots of space? If you’re working on a tight budget, you can spruce up your home with lighting like a professional without breaking the bank; or you can make your home smarter with artificial intelligence to power all your lighting dreams. Here are five lighting tips you can easily adapt the DIY-way to improve the look and feel in your interior space:

Top 5 Ways You Can Improve Your Home Lighting like a Pro

  1. Clean Your Glass Windows

It is hard to notice when the dust settles on glass windows. They need frequent cleaning both on the inside and outside to improve the amount of natural light getting indoors. Remove the screens for cleaning. When done, you’ll be surprised how much light your dusty windows and screens had been blocking from getting indoors. If you want to add more natural sunlight into your home, consult Clear-Vue Skylights which is located in Central Florida

  1. Install Longer Curtain Rods than Your Window Frames

Make sure all proportions on your windows are equal. If a curtain rod stretches a few inches longer than a frame on one side of a window, ensure the same applies to all the other windows and frames. However, some rooms might architecturally limit the stretching of curtain rods.

Maintain consistency in size with such limitations in mind. Open the curtains so they gather outside the window frame to prevent the fabrics from blocking your glass windows. Keeping the curtains as close to the walls as possible allows maximum natural light to flow indoors for improved lighting.

  1. Pull Blinds to the Window Casing Top
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Pulling blinds up on the window casing, unlike opening them horizontally, allows more natural light indoors. However, a good length of the pull cord will remain hanging. Either tuck it in between the blind slats at the window top or just let it sit on the window sill. Whatever you choose, don’t leave it hanging on the floor because it would look messy.

  1. Trim Foliage Outside Your Window

Outdoor gardening and manicuring don’t just give your home a beautiful, natural look, but also improves its value. However, leaving your plants to overgrow, especially outside your windows, can minimize the amount of natural light you get indoors. Neatly trim plants growing outside your windows. Never give them a chance to block your window from getting enough light.

  1. Add and Use the Brightest Lamps in Your Room

If you can use a 100-watt bulb, don’t settle for a 40-watt bulb. The lighting difference between the two is dramatic. Place a small table with a lamp in the middle of a room you want to improve its lighting to brighten up the dark corners of your home. Make sure each room in your home has at least three types of lightings for a layered look.


These tips can come in handy when improving the appearance, functionality or value of your home. If you don’t have enough windows to bring in natural light, consider skylights for improved lighting indoors. Note that giving your home a personal touch is all about being creative, making sure your home is both functional and attractive.

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