6 Mesothelioma Lawsuit Questions You should ask your Attorney

6 Mesothelioma Lawsuit Questions You should ask your Attorney

Mesothelioma, in most cases, is fatal for the victim. One big relief for mesothelioma victims in this gloom comes from the law. Mesothelioma diagnosis makes the victims eligible to demand compensation for their medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of opportunity to live a healthy life, loss of income, and so on. 

Victims and their families can approach the legal system to file a complaint. But registering a complaint on your own is quite risky. 

You might leave crucial details and evidence of the case while handling a legal claim on your own. Missing essential details can derail your case. Therefore, hiring a lawyer is profitable for mesothelioma victims. 

But someone who has never dealt with law or hired a lawyer may find it extremely challenging to ask the right questions from the lawyer representing them in their case. So, here are some questions you must ask your mesothelioma attorney.

  • How long have you been fighting mesothelioma lawsuits?

The first question you must ask your attorney is about their experience. Here, experience does not imply broad experience in practicing law. You have to ask about their experience of fighting mesothelioma lawsuits. 

Anyone fighting mesothelioma and the struggles brought to them due to their illness would want a lawyer who can win the case for them. And experience is the easiest way to measure the winning ability of a lawyer. The higher the experience, the more the chance they have worked on similar cases like yours. 

  • Do you work alone or with a firm?

Next, you must ask about their mode of practice. Is your lawyer affiliated with a law firm or working alone? Most experienced lawsuits work with highly reputed firms such as Sokolove law. Explore sokolovelaw.com to learn more about this firm and how they work.

An attorney working with a firm has the advantage of getting access to important resources and databases. These databases include details about asbestos-containing products, locations, companies, worksites, and previous mesothelioma victims.

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Mesothelioma databases and resources help attorneys gather evidence to reach the culprit. In the backdrop of this, if your attorney is working with a firm, your chances to win a good compensation increase considerably. For instance, experienced attorneys working in Sokolov Law have won $5 Billion in compensation for their clients and families and have handled more than 7900 cases. 

  • What is the process for filing a lawsuit?

Filing a mesothelioma lawsuit involves various steps. Therefore, you must ask your attorney about the whole procedure. Your attorney might guide you through the following steps that are included in a mesothelioma lawsuit.

  • Filling the case
  • Investigation of facts
  • Depositions and subpoenas
  • Expert witness statements
  • Negotiations
  • And, if needed, preparing for and conducting the trial

The lawyer will also tell you about the steps you need to actively participate in and what steps they can get through on their own. After this briefing, you will know what is expected of you throughout the case proceedings. 

  • What is the total cost of working with you?

Cost is an important concern when you are fighting a lawsuit, especially when you are already jobless due to medical reasons. Countless mesothelioma victims don’t fight the case due to the fear of expenses. Therefore, asking about the total cost of the lawsuit must be among the top questions from the lawyer. 

Most mesothelioma lawyers work on contingency payment plans, charging their fee as a percentage of the total compensation. Therefore, all their fee is paid after they win compensation money for their client. 

A contingency plan means you are not required to pay anything if the lawyer fails to win compensation for you. So, the cost of the lawsuit for the victim is practically zero in most cases. 

  1. Am I required to travel to meet in your office?
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It is pretty difficult for mesothelioma patients to travel due to the severity of their illness. Therefore, you have the right to ask this question openly and even tell your lawyer if you won’t be able to travel to meet them. 

Most mesothelioma attorneys recognize this fact and meet their clients at their houses. Besides, big law firms have offices in all states. Therefore, they can quickly send their representative from their office nearby you to collect your statement. 

  • How much compensation can I look after to receive?

You can get mesothelioma compensation as a result of a settlement or a court verdict. The average amount of mesothelioma settlement is $1 Million. But there are countless instances when lawyers have been able to get a manifold higher than this amount. 

Many factors influence the amount you get in compensation. Discuss with your attorney, and they will explain these factors to you. Based on your case details, they may be able to give you a rough idea, but still, they may not have an exact idea about your compensation amount. 


Choosing the right mesothelioma attorney is an essential element of your journey of winning a mesothelioma compensation. Also crucial is knowing about case details and your likelihood of winning the case. When you meet a prospective lawyer, ask the abovementioned questions to know the whole process and what is expected of you. 

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