The Making of Custom Printed T-Shirts

The Making of Custom Printed T-Shirts

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The Making of Custom Printed T-Shirts

You might wear various designer T-shirts of wide range, right from decent employee T-shirts of an organization to funky designer ones. Now, maybe you are hosting an event or starting a company or are curious about customized T-shirts. You are in the right place. This article deals with The Making of Custom Printed T-Shirts.

Before getting into the subject, let us look into why people go for Customized T-shirts. One of the top reasons why people go for custom T-shirt printing is the wide range of choice it offers. You get to decide the kind of T-shirt (is it full-sleeved or half-sleeved and the like), the material of the shirt, the design (yes, you can get your photos printed too) and mainly for promotional purpose. If you have witnessed the growing demand for custom T-shirts, and are considering it as a business opportunity, then it’s high time to give custom T-shirt printing a try.

There are Five Important Steps involved in the making of custom printed T-shirts.

#1 The Apparatus

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The first step is to consider the machines required for printing. There are many screen print methods available which range from apparatus for manual printing to machines for automatic printing. It all depends on your budget for investment and the scale of printing which you desire to take up (large scale or small scale). The smaller manual machines come with a lower price tag while the automated ones come with a higher one. Advancement in technology has contributed to this field also by coming up with affordable, less ink consuming machines loaded with dryers. Do conduct proper research on this before going ahead, because this will decide the price of printing and your customer inflow.

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#2 The Supplies

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Just like any other business, this one also comes with the need for constant supply of the materials, some of them are Screen and frame, photo emulsion, and sensitizer, a pitch-black room, a garment or the material to print onto, squeegee, silk screen fabric ink, small piece of cardboard or wood to fit inside the garment, etc. So, make sure these are handy when you start your business.

#3 Designing

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It is likely that the customers come up with their own designs but there will also be requests to design T-shirts related to the concept they give. So, be prepared to brainstorm yourself. Here are a few tips:

  • The first step of designing is to consider what message the design is going to represent. Decide if it is going to be the logo and/or motto of an organisation or a new design which you would like to wear.
  • Then consider the color scheme and/or the text you wish to print on your T-shirt. T-shirt designs are usually designed on a computer first using software like Adobe Illustrator.

Educate your customer about some common things like how cost depends on the colors, design and the quantity. They will love it!

#4 Organisation

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Once you have started your T-shirt printing business, it is necessary to build a bridge between you and the potential customers. Distributors come handy here. If you are working with the printer, you may consider online distributors which help to save cost. The idea is to decide how your services and products reach the hands of your customers.

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#5 Attract Customers

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Once you have set up your business, you need to get customers coming to you to thrive in the field. Marketing is the key. It is a good idea to invest in advertising which helps to spread the word about your services. Also try to offer goodies, combos and/or discounts to attract customers. Make sure your printing is of high quality at affordable rates to the customer. Just get into the shoes of your future customers and think from their perspective about what they expect from you. That will solve most of the mysteries of the mind of the customer. Also, be ready to accept negotiations from the customers’ side, just like any other business. It is a good idea to hire someone who is specialized in marketing, at least in the initial days.

One Final Tip

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In almost every business, there is nothing called an easy, risk-free path. There will be struggles, highs, and lows, successes and failures – just like any other business. These are the stages that every entrepreneur should pass through to become successful in their endeavors. So, just persist in your venture and improve day-by-day. The success will definitely be yours.

Best of Luck!!

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