How To Choose Motorcycle Gear

leather sport bike jackets

If you’ve just purchased a bike, or if you’re ready to gear up like a pro, here are some basic features to consider as you shop for the right gear. From leather sport bike jackets to riding gloves and boots, find gear that keeps you comfortable, protected and looking great as you cruise through town or navigate backroads.

Start With the Basics

Every biker should have a certified helmet and a comfortable jacket. Motocross bikes, Harleys and street bikes alike can be dangerous and uncomfortable without these basics. Helmets need to have DOT or SNELL certifications, fit well and have the necessary breathability and field of vision for your ride. Having the best motorcycle communication system installed on your motorcycle helmet is indeed a plus point. Most helmets are categorized by bike style, so it’s easy to find a helmet that’s suited to your riding style.

Leather jackets, waterproof jackets and breathable jerseys all work, depending on the type of bike you’re riding. The most important thing is comfort and safety. Jackets keep you protected from flying debris and offer some padding in case you take a fall.

Work With Your Bike

Even the most stunning and high-quality leather riding jacket looks ridiculous on a compact dirt bike. Choose gear that fits your bike for the perfect look and safety features. Everything from boots and gloves to pants, jackets and helmets are categorized by the type of bike you’re riding, so be sure to shop based on your bike and enjoy the kind of tailored fit and features you need.

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Size Up Your Boots

Clunky boots reduce your reaction speed and can cause you to roll an ankle. Tight boots, on the other hand, can cause blisters and create uncomfortable pressure points. So, how should motorcycle boots fit? Follow a helpful guide to be sure you have the right height and size of boot. Touring bikes require a very different boot style than street bike commuters.

Consider Your Climate

Sub-zero gloves and thick jacket liners may be perfect for winter riding, but if you never see snow then you’ll be sweating the entire ride. Checkout the weather rating of your gear to keep cozy on the road. Jackets range from lightweight, highly breathable options to thick, insulated leather.

Because of the tight fit of many jacket styles and riding pants, it can be difficult to add your own under layers unless you’ve planned it out in advance. This is why many jackets come with their own removable liners. Work with your gear and, if necessary, pick out two different outfits for year-round comfort. Look for waterproof options for spring and summer rides, and look for breathable vents in your jacket and helmet.

Choose Quality Brands

There’s nothing like high-end sport bike jackets to make you feel like a million bucks. Quality doesn’t have to mean unaffordable prices. Use customer reviews and product specifications to compare name brand jackets, riding pants and other motorcycle gear to find your favorites. Online shopping makes it easy to compare all the top brands and find great discounts on essential gear. Shop today and gear up for an unforgettable trip on your favorite bike.

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