Tricks to Determine the Devil’s Costume Size

Tricks to Determine the Devil's Costume Size

So if you’re shopping for Halloween, sexy, retro, or cosplay costumes, do you know how to get a fitting size? The sad truth is that as much as manufacturers try to size their products uniformly, sometimes the sizes vary. So, it’s best to measure yourself, check the size chart, and get a flexible measuring tape.

Considerations when Taking Measurements

  • Wear light and body-fitting wear when taking measurements. This way, you will get the right measurements for the 2022 Halloween costume collection. Also, wear a bra that shapes your bust line for accurate measurements.
  • If you fall between sizes, order a size up for a comfortable fit.
  • If possible, get someone to measure you. Doing it alone may not yield accurate measurements. Stand straight and relax when taking measurements for even weight distribution.

How To Take Measurements

The Girth

Girth measurements are the most crucial when getting the right size for sexy devil costume for women. Place a measuring tape at the shoulder and down through the crotch for effective measurements. Place the tape close to the body.


For men, measure the broadest chest expansion and back to accurately measure. Similarly, a woman should ensure the tape encircles the fullest part of the bust. Children should raise their hands and get measurements for the widest part of their chest and back.


To find the true waistline, measure where the torso bends side to side and keep your finger between the belly and the tape.

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Place your heels together and measure around the hip bone. The hip bone is mostly where your thumbs lie when you place your hands on the hips. It is frustrating to buy over or undersized costumes. Whether you are buying adults’ or children’s costumes, get a perfect size. Measure the bust, hips, torso, girth, and waist. If possible, find someone to take your measurements for accurate sizes.

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