7 Affordable Gifts for Whiskey Lovers

7 Affordable Gifts for Whiskey Lovers

We all have that one person in our friend circle who is a self-groomed whiskey aficionado. They don’t just gulp whiskey down, they know the subtleties of the taste and aroma very well.

And unlike most of us, they can make out the difference between a good scotch from rye or bourbon. Did you know that the Scottish and Canadian Whisky is spelled without an ‘e’ at the end, whereas all others are spelled as whiskey? Perhaps not.

But your favorite whiskey lover must have known this long back.( Smirk)

Now it’s great to have a friend so advanced in their tastes, educating you about the minute differences regarding their favorite malt. But it can get equally frustrating to decide upon a gift for them.

A gift that catches their fancy and something they treasure. There is a tonne of options to choose from, but you need to make sure it’s not something everyone has already gifted them.

For example, their shelves must already be adorned with the classic Glencairn Whiskey Glasses designed for the perfect sip. Or they must have themselves used Whiskey Wedges that help retain your drink’s full flavor.

Similarly Teraforma Whiskey Stones, Leather Coasters or ice ball maker molds. Trust me, these are great gifts for a novice lover or an amateur like me. But that whiskey fanatic in your life may have already familiarised themselves with all this.

So what do we do now? Check this list out that we have compiled. Here we are with a list of cocky yet valuable gifts that the whiskey lover in your life will thank you for.

And the best part? They won’t even burn a hole through your pockets!

  1. A complete set of lovely Aromatic Bitters

Caution: Not your average gift! Extremely concentrated in nature, these aromatic bitters like the Angostura Classic Bitters are generally not ingested undiluted. They are only used in small amounts as the key flavoring agent in special cocktails.

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These bitters with up to 44.7% alcohol by volume, can be called as an acquired taste and will be perfect for that slow-whiskey-drinking-aficionado in your life. The Smokey Whiskey Sour Cocktail Syrup is also an option to choose from in this category.

This syrup is a rendition of the old classic and is made by smoking honey over bourbon barrel staves. It’s perfect for making many tantalizing cocktails at home.

We also have an array of whiskey drinks for women to definitely try here.

  1. Whiskey Scented Candles

Do you want your friend to stop drinking for a while and yet don’t want to rob them of their happy place? Why not give them a chance to imitate the flavors of their favorite drink into the ambiance of their home!

Gift them whiskey scented candles that last for about 34 hours, or the tea candles set for a smaller version. Whiskey and Pine, Maple and Whiskey, Weed and Whiskey, or the cult favorite Irish Whiskey Candles.

The unique aroma of these exquisite candles brings a rare elegance to the house where it wafts through.

  1. Whiskey Flavored Condiments/ Beverages

What’s better than drinking a glass of fine whiskey? Getting a glint of your favorite single malt whiskey in the nutritious food recipes you prepare. Get your friend an assortment of the following things that we have compiled.

And his taste-buds will be ever grateful to you. Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee, Whiskey Flavoured Beef Jerky, Whiskey Sour Pickles, Bourbon Marshmallows, a Sweet Box of Single Malt Scotch Cordials and Salted Whiskey Caramels.

Each of these offers an extraordinary flavor to your palate and each of them is equally delightful.

  1. Scotch Infused Toothpicks

For the person of fine elegance in your life, these can be the perfect mark of class and luxury.  We’ve included it all in this list- a gift to spark up a room with the whiskey flavor, a gift to fire up your palate with whiskey, so why not a gift to seal the meal with a hint of your favorite scotch?

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For the meals that go devoid of alcohol, your friend can hold onto this pack of Scotch Infused Toothpicks to get a nice hint of grandeur and flavor.

  1. Redemption Rye Whiskey Lamp

This is a handmade, exquisite collection that will absolutely light up any whiskey lover’s heart. A recycled bottle lamp hand cut from a tall slender Redemption Rye Whiskey bottle fitted with a 120v 30 watt Beacon style vintage globe.

The best part is that these can be custom made to tailor to one’s whims and each one is as precious.

  1. Whiskey Flavoured Lip Balm

For those interested in wearing a hint of your favorite drink at all times, it cannot get simpler than this. Whiskey and Cola, Whiskey and Fire, Whiskey and Coffee are some of the varieties the lip balm can be found in.

Apply this onto your lips and besides smooth lips,  get a taste of whiskey on the tip of your tongue all day long!

  1. Sassy T-shirts and Tank Tops

Get custom T-shirts or make one with quotes such as ‘Accio Bourbon’ or ‘ Whiskey? Rye the hell not!’ Or go ahead to get the Jack Daniel’s poster printed onto the shirt.

And surprise your friend with a cool apparel to roam around in boasting of his love.

Whatever you choose from this list, we are definite that the whiskey lover in your life will go gaga and most importantly, you would be so glad to have brought them this joy.

So clink your glasses because it is time to celebrate!

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