5 Body Positive Tips For Buying A Swim Suit

5 Body Positive Tips For Buying A Swim Suit

The one piece of advice we have seen across magazine covers have heard it preached at us on fashion shows and have also heard from friendly salespeople and friends. The advice is the shop for your shape and it has been given out to us for all types of clothing. However, what we see on the magazine covers is not reality. They do not resemble women with smaller busts or large thighs which is why it makes sense to not shop for your size but to simply shop what you like. Here are a few tips for buying a swimsuit.

  1. Be realistic

You need to be very realistic about buying a swimsuit. Identify the purpose of purchase and then shortlist the options. You will be looking at a whole different suit for swim laps or to play beach volleyball in. Figure out your favorite summer activities and then take a look at these swimsuits from Lively. Do not go with a bandeau top if you are going to hit up the water park a couple of times.

  1. Think out of the box

There are many ways to have a body and only a few swimsuit designs for each. Hence, think out of the box and look at the options available for you. You need to find the perfect suit and not think of your body as imperfect. You can wear a bodysuit at the beach and if you accessorize it right, you can wear it with pants for evening cocktails.

  1. Know the actual shape of your body

The trouble is that not many women are aware of the actual shape of their body and they start calling themselves skinny or fat. You need to understand the curves and edges of your body in order to identify the type of swimsuit that best suits you. You need to know which areas of your body you want to highlight. Do not simply think of your waist when you consider your body, think of the body as a whole and you will be out of trouble.

  1. Embrace separates
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If you find it difficult to pick matching tops and bottoms, the best is to go for something that is ideal for your chest and pick another piece that works best for your butt. Pick two separate pieces that can be smartly put together. Just find something that looks good and fits well, even if it means having two different sizes or styles.

  1. Go unconventional

You might have always worn a one-piece and you are now uncomfortable with a two-piece. In an ideal world, we would all be able to find clothes that are comfortable and make us feel confident in our skin. Unfortunately, this is not the case and you will have to go unconventional when buying swimsuits. Do not run behind a particular style or fit, wear anything that makes you feel like “you”.

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When it comes to resort wear, always choose comfort over style.

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