What Causes Excessive Drooling in a Cat and What To Do

Drooling in a Cat and What To Do

When it comes to drooling, cats are very different from dogs. We are pretty much used to how dogs pant and drool, and they do it because that’s the way they deal with heat and exhaustion. Of course, its really rare to see a cat doing the same, not only because they are physiologically different from dogs, but because they rarely exhaust themselves to the point of panting and Excessive Drooling.

That’s why you should, most of the time, take this situation as a sign that sometimes is happening. Why? Cats do not drool as much as dogs, and although there’s a wide range of causes that may cause this to happen, most of them mean that something bad is going on.

Some of these causes might be physical, emotional, or just a consequence of the cat cleaning itself or being dehydrated. If you click this link here now, you’ll get more details about these possible causes. In this article, we will cover some of them, including anxiety, fear, heatstrokes, and possible poisoning, and what you should do in these situations.

But before that, let’s talk about how cats and Excessive Drooling work together.

A Cat’s Behaviour

A cat’s mouth and tongue work very differently to those of a dog, and the first thing to mention is the amount of saliva they produce. In contrast to other animals, a cat’s tongue tends to be pretty dry. It can be described as some sort of comb, which they use to clean themselves. 

With that said, it’s not like cats don’t drool at all. Just like human beings, every animal has its personality, and some cats like to drool whenever they smell food being cooked, or when they know they are getting something tasty.

A Cat’s Behaviour

Other cats drool when they are relaxed, or combing their hair. Purring while salivating is also pretty normal too. Another common reason for their salivating is just before they puke a hairball. You should be attentive, though. If your cat is having problems while puking a hairball, that’s a really straightforward hint that something is wrong.

Now, you should be looking for something in specific, and that is excessive drooling. A cat can drool, of course, but it is the amount of saliva that it produces as well as how often it does it what is important.  If you believe that it has gone a little overboard, the first thing you should do is contact your vet. In fact, as this article portrays, you should take your cat to the vet every now and then to make sure it is in good shape.

Possible Causes

As mentioned earlier, there are several reasons why a cat my excessively salivate. No matter the cause, though, the best course of action is taking your cat to a professional to get it checked and know for sure what is the problem. Guessing by yourself may cause more harm than good, so you shouldn’t try to fix the problem all by yourself.

Still, if your cat has a history of suffering from a certain problem, which you know how to deal with perfectly without risking your cat’s health, you can proceed with the usual procedure. A good example is anxiety, dehydration, and stress. Some cats react with excessive salivation with these three situations. To help a cat with anxiety or stress, giving them space (or company) may be the solution or using CBD cat threats.  Dehydration can be dealt with using some water.

If the problem is not fixed with these solutions, something else might be happening. Poisoning or intoxication by eating something (whether it is a living creature or food it ate) is one of the main causes of extreme salivation. 

Other rare but deadly problems include cancer, stomach and kidney diseases, infections, and problems with their teeth. 

As long as you don’t know what might be the cause of the problem, you should take your pet to a professional. If you don’t, you are risking its health and losing precious time that might be decisive when it comes to taking proper measures. You should know some of the other reasons why a cat might drool, just to be prepared for it. 

As long as you do your research and pay attention to your cat, you will be prepared for it! 

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