Why You Should Use Professional Water Heater Repair Services Instead of DIY

Water Heater Repair Services

When you need to repair your water heater, you should call a professional plumber right away. Read this article to get to know why this approach is much wiser than any attempts to fix the issue with your own hands. If your water heater fails to function as intended, you should call a professional plumber or technician. Modern water heaters are complex units that only specialists with relevant skills and expertise should fix. The only thing that you can do on your own is to make sure there is no electricity outage, check whether the unit is plugged in and modify its temperature. From this article, you’ll get to know the benefits of using professional water heater repair services and precious tips on the unit’s maintenance.

Common Water Heater Problems

In most cases, plumbers and technicians need to deal with the following types of water heater repair:

  • Depleting heating system. It leaves the water unheated and too cold for your liking. To fix the problem, you might need to repair or replace the thermostat, the heating element or the thermal switch.
  • A broken dip tube. This is the element from where the cold water enters your water heater. It is supposed to shoot the water down to the bottom as the water that you use is supplied from the top. When the dip tube fails, cold water will stay on top instead of being shot down.
  • Sediments in the tank. The sediments and debris accumulate to form a layer at the bottom. This layer might include various minerals and grains of sand that prevent effective heating of the water.

When you get in touch with a plumbing company, they will ask you to describe what exactly is going on with the unit.

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Benefits of Using Professional Water Heater Repair Services

After you call a plumber or a technician to fix your water heater, you should appreciate the following benefits of their services:

  • Speed and safety. To be able to deal with the unit, you should know how to handle both water and electricity. The heater creates high pressure and high temperatures. A qualified plumber knows how to comply with all the safety requirements. They will work quickly and confidently, reducing any potential risks to a minimum.
  • Accurately detected problems. If you lack technical expertise, you might misinterpret the essence of the issue and take the wrong steps to fix it. This might only aggravate the situation. A professional will tell you exactly what’s wrong with your heater and suggest the most efficient ways of repairing it.
  • A substantial decrease in energy and water bills. When the unit is functioning properly, it needs less energy to heat the water. When you open a tap somewhere in your house, you won’t need to wait until it gets hotter. No water will be wasted and you’ll avoid excessive expenses.
  • Consistent and high-quality water. Once the work is finished, you can be sure your water heater won’t break down again any time soon. And if it will, the technician will come back to you to fix the issue. You won’t need to pay the full price of their services twice because top plumbing companies provide warranties.
  • Reasonable pricing. Some people might think “Why should I call a plumber if I can find DIY videos on the Internet?”. The thing is that even if you find a video with the exact heater that you have at home, your situation might be different. As was said above, you might fail to correctly diagnose the problem, or your unit might be older than the one on the video, or it might need to deal with water of a different temperature and quality… It would be wise to avoid copying any video instructions. The cost of professional repairs should save you much more money in the long run.
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And of course, high-quality repairs will prolong the lifespan of the unit.

Tips for Maintenance

To prevent your water heater from breaking down, you might want to do the following:

  • Drain the tank regularly to remove the sediments that accumulate at the bottom.
  • Keep checking for leaks and maintain a proper temperature. Thanks to the optimal temperature, you can also save energy and optimize your bills.
  • Replace the unit once its lifespan ends. Typically, a water heater can serve you from 10 to 15 years. The older it is, the more frequently it will need repairs.

Plus, you should remember the brand and type of the unit. The plumbing company will ask you to share this information when you call them to arrange repairs.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article came in handy and now you better understand the benefits of professional water heater repair services. A skilled and qualified technician will fix your unit quickly and at an affordable price. Top plumbing companies accept clients’ calls 24/7 and give free estimates before they start any work. When the licensed specialist arrives at your house, they will have all the necessary tools with them. They will be able to correctly detect the essence of the problem and suggest an optimal solution to it.

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