Title of article: Bounce House Injuries & Related Lawsuits

bounce house injury lawsuit

The Dangers of Bounce Houses

Bounce houses are extremely popular for kids’ birthday parties. That is because they come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles and provide a fun time for the kids without it being too much of a hassle. Kids love to play in them and they end up being entertained for a longer amount of time than other party add-ons like clowns or balloons. Parents that love to have bounce houses at their child’s birthday party need to be careful because there can be problems that can crop up when they are being used at a party.

Some Dangers Of Bounce Houses

There are certain dangers with bounce houses that are used at birthday parties. Keeping an eye out for anything out of the ordinary is necessary; here are some of the problems that can occur with bounce houses:

1. Too Many Kids – Parents want to make sure that they keep an eye on how many children are entering the bounce house at one time. There is a limit to how many children can be inside one at the same time. Parents need to follow the instructions completely so that there aren’t any problems. Too many children in it at the same time can cause fights to erupt too.

2. Taking Flight – There have been times when a bounce house was not secured properly in the ground; it blew away with children in it. Parents need to make sure that the bounce house is in the ground tightly so that it will not move. Having contact with the bounce house company is important because they will have a wealth of knowledge to give the parents about the use of their product for a birthday party. Not to mention they should always have someone at the party, watching over the bounce house at all times. This is where big problems arise; the bounce house company doesn’t have a supervisor at the scene and the rules are not followed; this main cause of bounce house injuries! Once you can prove the bounce house company didn’t have a supervisor, you have pretty much won a big lawsuit. death lawsuit is major part of the law. Bounce House injury law firms have a ton of knowledge on this subject and can definitely help you if your child has been injured on a bounce house.

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3. Deflation – It’s important to watch the bounce house for leaks. The bounce house may deflate and that can cause problems when the children are playing in it. It needs to have a certain amount of air in it to provide a safe and secure place for the children to be able to play in it.

4. Manufacturer Defects – There will be defects in the bounce house sometimes. That is why it must be checked over thoroughly when parents plan to have one at a birthday party for their child.

5. Not Using It Properly – The bounce house comes with the instructions of use. It’s important that they are followed and that the bounce house is not used improperly. Since people will use them for all different kinds of things, there can be injuries caused in a short period of time. By only using the bounce house for the reason it was intended to be used for will prevent a lot of injuries from happening at all.

Watching for problems to occur is what parents will need to do if they want to have one at their kid’s birthday party and no supervisor is at the scene. Bounce houses can provide for a lot of fun and entertainment but there are also risks involved. If there is a supervisor provided by the bounce house company keeping a watchful eye on the situation with the bounce house at all times, all the kids should have fun with it and no problems should occur.

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