Don’t Wait Too Long for Your Car Service in Perth

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If you’re considering a car service in Perth, don’t leave it too long between servicing intervals. A car should be serviced at a specified time or a certain kilometre distance, whichever comes first. If you drive your car for too long after this interval, you could cause premature wear and tear, and your car may be less safe to drive. Let’s take a closer look at why adhering to car servicing intervals is essential.

The Importance of Car Servicing Intervals

A car servicing interval could be six, nine, or twelve months, and there may be sensors in the car to remind you that you have reached the servicing interval. Every time interval has a corresponding distance that’s typically between 5,000-15,000 km. The frequency of the car service will depend on whichever interval comes up first, time or distance. In many cases, drivers will adopt a mindset that they will simply choose the last servicing interval indicator to save money. This is inadvisable, and the car owner should really stick to the first car interval when they take their car in for a service.

How to Arrange a Car Service

There are typically a number of locations in an area that can offer car servicing. It’s advisable to ask for a quote first to avoid any hidden costs that could give you a nasty surprise later. Many drivers are tempted by the cheapest quote, but this is often a mistake, and it makes better sense to do a little research first. Check the car service provider online to see if you can find any reviews from satisfied customers. Remember that your car is a significant investment and it makes good sense to only allow a professional trained technician to work on your car.

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The Importance of Regular Car Servicing

When your car is regularly serviced, the performance can be maintained, and efficiency will be improved. A car that has gone too long between servicing intervals will have a decreased level of performance, and it may be using far more fuel than necessary. It’s also important to realise that a car that isn’t receiving regular servicing is likely to be less safe to drive. Every car system needs to be tested occasionally to ensure that it’s working as the manufacturer intended. When your car is serviced regularly, it’s more likely that a mechanic will be able to find smaller problems before they become more expensive to fix later.

The Consequence of Avoiding Car Servicing

First, the car is more prone to a failure or breakdown, and there are significant safety implications to consider. A vehicle that isn’t serviced regularly may have worn brake pads or a lack of brake fluid that could affect the braking response times. When you look at the alternatives, car servicing seems like a bargain; your car will be safer to drive and less likely to breakdown when you need it most.

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