3 Benefits Of Using High Mileage Oil For Your Vehicle

Using High Mileage Oil 

If you’re a car owner, it’s just right to be familiar with the different kinds of oils and fuel you can use for your vehicle. The more aware you are, the higher the likelihood you’re going to end up choosing the best. For your vehicle to last long and for you to be able to take good care of it, you must provide it with using the right high mileage oil.

Among the many kinds of oils in the automotive market today, there’s such a thing known as high mileage oil. This kind of oil has seal enhancers and additives that are able to reduce leaks. After a change in the oil or two, leaking can stop. It can also possibly reduce the burning of oil in older car engines, for as long as you’re also diligent about when you should change your oil frequently.

High Mileage Oil Benefits

But why exactly do you need this for your car? If you’re still on the fence about whether or not using high mileage oil for your vehicle brings benefits, here’s a list to convince you of its viability:

  1. It Has The Capability To Seal Leaks

One of the most embarrassing situations that can happen if you’re driving an older vehicle and you’re parking it in someone else’s driveway is your vehicle leaving a mark. This can happen given that leaks can be expected, and this is unsightly. Leaks can also compromise the performance of your vehicle as they can make fuel consumption much faster than anticipated.

If your car or truck is leaking, this is often because the seal has degraded. Over time, the rubber components eventually corrode, become brittle, and also be shrink. This can lead to the oil leaking through your vehicle.

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Most of the high mileage oils out in the market today come with a seal conditioner. These react positively with the elastomers in the vehicle, increasing your car’s ability to re-seal. Through this, you’d be assured your car can perform much better.

  1. It Improves Fuel Efficiency

Being fuel-efficient is something many car owners are certainly after with their vehicles nowadays, especially if you frequently go on long drives. Apart from working to your advantage in terms of cost savings, you’re also making yourself environmentally conscious. When your car is fuel-efficient, this means you’re using up a lower quantity of gasoline for a certain distance compared with other vehicles that may not necessarily be identified as such.

One of the ways you can improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency is through using high-mileage oil. This option may be a bit more expensive than regular oils, but there are many reasons why you should go for the fuel-efficient one. Here’s why:

  • It enables you to spend less on fuel, which makes it more budget-friendly;
  • It allows you to reduce your carbon footprint since it utilizes less gasoline;
  • It enables your car to be clean engine-wise such that it emits fewer pollutants.

  1. It Cleans Out Your Engine

Apart from having the ability to seal back the leaks, high mileage oils also have more detergents in them. This means that while the engine oil makes your vehicle run, it also gives a good clean. Plus, the additives high engine oil has can reduce the wear and tear on the moving parts of your car.

With this, it’s safe to say that high engine oil can be more friendly for the lifespan and care of your vehicle. The metal-on-metal wear and tear that can happen, especially for high mileage and older vehicles, isn’t good for your car. You need to have an added layer to keep it greased and protected from harmful friction.

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Here are some aspects high mileage oil can help:

  • Engine oil sludge. This refers to the tar-like residue that builds up in your car’s engine when your oil thickens up, especially when you’ve been negligent about the regular oil changes your car is supposed to be scheduled for.
  • General engine wear and tear. This is expected once your car and its engine start to age. Since it’s inevitable, it’s up to you as the car owner to try and do what you can to slow down the damages as much as you can.


All these considered, remember that changing to a high mileage oil isn’t a decision for you to make by yourself since there are other car components you need to take note of. It’s best to have advice from a professional, given that your car’s oil affects your engine, so this isn’t something for you to take lightly. 

As is the case with other lubricants, you’ve got to make this decision with the advice of a mechanic you can trust. In doing so, you can choose the right mileage oil for your car’s needs, so you can maximize the advantages enumerated above.

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