Is a Full Body Massage Good for You?


Your body is subjected to different wear and tear on a daily basis. These may be attributed to various factors, including stress, inappropriate posture, and heavy work among others. Unquestionably, these factors can significantly damage the body. Regular massage can help you address this problem the same way regular exercise does. Truly, massaging help individuals live not only happier but also a healthier life. A full body massage plays a significant role in relieving tension the body, getting rid of anxiety and dejection. Decades ago, massage was perceived as a rich man’s affair. With time, it has become available and affordable to anyone who cares about his or her body health. Basically, it rejuvenates the body and makes it feel refreshed.

However, some individuals still hold the opinion that massage is for the wealthy people out there. This is a mistake in reason because each and every individual should be having it regularly for their own health. Massage therapy is no longer as expensive as it used to be, and irrespective of your status and can be accessed in gyms and hospitals among other places. Any coin devoted to massage is worth it because of its health benefits. What prevents you from trying it? If you are comfortable in the gyms and hospitals, try My Home Therapy and massage therapist will come to your home if you reside anywhere within the UK.

How do we define a massage treatment? It refers to the manipulation of not only muscles but also tendons and ligaments by means of pressing and rubbing strategy. There are different techniques that can as well be used in massage.

Various types of full body massage

The following are some of the most popular massage types you can access today:

  • Swedish massage. This one involves mild long strokes, pulsations, muscle tapping, and deep globular movements.
  • Deep tissue. This is the most common type, often used offer reprieve when plagued with muscles tension.
  • Sports massage. This one is used to treat injuries mainly emanating from sports and uses a similar approach as Swedish massaging.
  • Trigger point. This one concentrates only on places with tautness and tension in specific muscles to offer the needed relief.

These are only a few examples but there are many types out there. Body Massaging is a profession that has evolved significantly and that is why there are so many varieties to be offered, including pregnancy massage.

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The Benefits You Will Get

In determining whether a full body massage is good for you, it is important to look at the benefits that come with it. We have already mentioned some of the benefits you are likely to get in the preceding section. For instance, in a number of times, we have mentioned that it has health benefits and that it can relieve you from tension, stress, and depression. But there is more than you can gain if you enroll for regular full body massage. If you have never given it a try, then this is the right time for you to consider it. In this section, we are going to discuss some of the benefits you can get. Let us see.

  • Enhances relaxation of the nervous system. In many cases, we come across various ways of activating the nervous system. However, we often do it the wrong way. Some specific places plagued with pain and tension within our bodies because of taut muscles, ligaments and tendons. In this case, body massage is all we need. A full body massage help relieves such tension and pacifies our nervous system. More importantly, when the nervous system is soothed, there are other benefits that we can gain. For instance, hormones are well regulated and this results in well-balanced sleep cycles, minimize stress levels, facilitates the production of the immune cells and promote metabolism.
  • Facilitates revival of the skin. Experienced massage therapists utilize some specific oils and lotions that facilitate relaxation of your muscles as well as making the skin more moisturized. In addition, during massaging, there is friction that develops between the therapist’s hands and your body. This stimulates gentle exfoliation and by so doing, dead skin is done away with, permitting the emergence of fresh skin cells, revitalizing the skin.
  • Has musculoskeletal benefits. Did you know that your muscles behave just like sponges? During muscle contraction, blood and lymph are usually squeezed out, while during relaxation, blood with oxygen and nutrients gets in. besides, the increased blood flow helps to get rid the lactic acid which often accumulates during cell metabolism. The lactic acid usually causes muscle cramps and fatigue and that is it is very important to get rid of it. During massaging, the therapist integrates stretching and some types of movements. This mobilizes individual joints and places advantageous tension within the muscles and tendons. A full body massage will enhance the proper functioning of the muscles.
  • Lymphatic detox. The lymphatic system is very important when it comes to balancing the fluid and the roles of the immune system. During massaging, flushing of the blood in and out of the tissues also facilitate the drainage of the lymphatic system. During the process, the dead cells are removed alongside other waste products and the likely pathogens. If the flow in the lymphatic vessels is slow, the fluid is more likely to be retained, and draining may lessen edema in specific body parts.
  • Boosts sleep. Massage brings about a restful sleep and helps even those who struggle to sleep. It has been proved to promote relaxation as well as individuals under chemotherapy. One study in Warwick established that massage helps young ones sleep more and stay less stressed.
  • Enhances flexibility. A regular routine can be hard to keep and constant stress render the joints tighten and muscles more constricted. The best way of doing away with the stress emanating from exercise is through massaging which also promotes flexibility as well as diverse motion. Besides, a full body massage can lessen the predisposition to strains while on workouts.
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Is A Full Body Massage Good For You? We hope that your answer is “yes”. This blog has addressed a number of ways in which you can benefit from a full body massage. We hope you will make it your aim to have a regular full body massage. Thank you.

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