Best Isometric Exercises List – Tone Up Your Body!

Best Isometric Exercises List – Tone Up Your Body!

Fitness to some may mean running a marathon, or lifting heavy weights or contorting the body into difficult positions. So, basically, its movements that equate fitness but have you ever heard about the best isometric exercises list? This is a kind of exercise that does not need you to bounce around like crazy, nor you have to lift insane amount of weight, yet you can build serious strength, without moving even a tiny muscle.

This is isometrics. In this type of exercises, all you have to do is tense up your muscles without moving at all. One example of doing an isometric workout is pressing your hands together in a prayer position with all your might and press it for 10 seconds at least. You’ll feel the tension in your torso, especially your chest and arms and your arms don’t move at all. Doing Barre exercises or doing planks are all different variations of the isometric exercises and are integral to the isometric exercises list.

In this type of exercises, the muscle fibers are stimulated but there are opposing forces against each other, there is no movement.

Isometric gives you a break from the regular workouts such as doing crunches or jumping on boxes or lifting weights. But are they really a potent form of a workout then? Since you are not expending calories as you do in the other, let’s just say more ‘active’ kind of exercises? Well, you do, imagine holding a plank for a minute at least. As they say, a minute passes by quickly till you do a plank. Yes, it also whittles away your waist, boosts strength and helps decrease high pressure.

The best part, you get to do all these types of exercises completely, equipment-free. Wow! Isn’t it just great? It is some days you just want to take a regular from those mad hustle.

Want to try isometric workouts? Here is what you should do, to do them right.

  1. Squeeze it hard

Squeeze the muscles really hard. This means using “maximal voluntary contraction.” Research says even if you give 60 to 80 percent of your effort, it will give you great results.

  1. Take a deep breath
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Always remember to breathe while you are doing the exercises. You may be tempted to stop breathing in your effort to complete the exercise, but you should not forget to breathe.

  1. Get into the position

When you are exercising, proper form is everything. Hold proper form and vary up the position in different angles, say you are clenching your arm; you’ll get far greater benefits when you will hold the arm at different angles.

  1. Should you forget about another type of exercises?

Whenever you hear a new type of workouts, you forget about the other type of exercises and concentrate only on that, while the truth is you will greater benefits when you mix the whole thing up.  Isometrics is one tool in your arsenal; remember there are other equally potent tools, which you simply must not ignore.

Best Isometric Workout List

  1. Bent-Over Press against Wall

This is a great strength-building move and works your shoulders. Start in a low lunge position as you put your hands on the wall, keeping them about chest level. Lean back into the wall and try to push. The more you bend the better it targets your shoulders and the more you stay upright, the more the exercise will target your chest.

  1. Prayer Pose

Place your palms together. You stand straight while your elbows flare out or it points toward the ground. Press your hands together. The tighter your press, the harder it will be. Do not raise your shoulders while you push as it may strain your shoulders. This is a great workout for your chest.

  1. High Plank

Move into a push-up position all the while keeping your spine straight. Keep your upper back muscles tight. This is a great workout for your core and butt.

  1. Self Arm Wrestling

You can work your biceps and triceps without doing strength-training, so you can now look beyond bicep curls and triceps dips. Flex and bend your right arm a 90-degree angle. Also, try and grab your right hand with the help of your left hand. Push both arms together as hard as you can. Here you combine two opposing forces while your right biceps holds up your arm and prevents it from dropping your left triceps tries to push your right arm down. You can repeat the same on the other side.

  1. Triceps Extension against Wall
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Like all isometric moves, you must breathe normally and not tense your shoulders. Drop into a lunge position and have your fists on the wall keeping at head level. Push your fists with your triceps and drive them into the wall. This is a super move for your triceps.

  1. Forearm Plank

This is one of the most popular isometric moves. The best abs training move that can test even the most seasoned athletes. Get in a forearm plank position. Ensure your spine is straight. Tighten your abs as hard as you can. To get the maximum benefits out of it, you must contract your abs; this is the only way to reach out to those deep core muscles. Align your body into a straight line, your shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles must form a straight line.

  1. Push up to plank hold

Start in a plank position and keep your hands below shoulders, also your legs long behind you, spine in a straight line. Keep your elbows pointing out and bend your elbows while you slowly lower your body down, hold it when you are just about to touch the ground. Keep your eyes fixated over your fingertips. Tighten your belly push yourself up to a plank position. Work your torso and abs with this one.

Try these 6 isometric workouts and revise your old workout regime, as we said adding isometric workouts to your regime only makes your regime comprehensive and complete.

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