What To Know About Fort Worth Dental Implants

Fort Worth Dental Implants

The use of prosthetics has been employed ever since the ancient times. Although the ones that were being used in the past were not as developed and effective as the modern ones the idea is still the same. – Fort Worth Dental Implants

At times life comes with misfortunes that can’t be foreseen. Losing a tooth for a child is usually not a big deal because another one will naturally grow in its place. However, for an adult the opposite is true. 

Since it won’t be able to grow on its own the best alternative is to use an implant. You can also see Nuvia Smiles to learn more.

What is a dental implant?

In simple terms it can be described as an artificial tooth. This contains 3 main parts that mimics the functionality of the various parts of the actual dental structure. 

For instance, there is a screw-like material inserted in the jawbone that acts as the root hence providing firm attachment to the jawbone. There is a second part called abutment that serves to attach the third part (crown) to the root. 

Although the artificial one bears resemblance to an actual tooth there are some notable differences. One of them is that the artificial one cannot absorb and utilize nutrients to aid in the development process since it lacks an actual root that can take part in such biological processes. 

The enamel is also custom-made and so it lacks the authenticity of an actual one. Still, the dental implants are very similar to the real thing in terms of design and look hence they blend in well and do a great job of filling the gap.

What are the advantages?

Other than the obvious benefit which is filling in the gap left behind by the fallen tooth they also have other advantages.

  • They are durable

This is of great importance, particularly, to people who are prone to dental problems such as cavities and decay. Sometimes, factors such as the location where someone resides can have a great influence on their dental health. 

Places where the drinking water naturally has lots of fluoride and other salts have a large number of cases of people suffering from dental problems. 

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The artificial implants can help with such issues because they are built using tough materials that can withstand the destructive action of such elements for a long time without any great impact. They are also easy to maintain and so they have a long lifetime. Click here for more.

  • They are efficient- Fort Worth Dental Implants

Digestion usually starts at the mouth by the mechanical means of chewing the ingested food. 

If the teeth have issues such as misalignment or improper structure the process won’t be as effective as it should be hence the food will be swallowed without proper chewing. 

Implants reduce the risk of this occurrence since they provide a seamless structure that makes it easy to chew the food hence promoting digestion. 

Also, you don’t have to remove them for cleaning purposes after meals as is the case with dentures. Once installed they work just like natural teeth.


  • They can reduce sensitivity- Fort Worth Dental Implants

There are a lot of patients who suffer from tooth sensitivity and are unable to even eat properly due to the excruciating pain. 

One of the main reasons why this happens is because of wearing down of the protective layer of the crown thus exposing nerves. When someone eats or drink any substance that is hot or cold the sensitive nerves are affected. 

With implants this can be reduced because the components are artificial hence won’t have any sensitivity issues. This can further help reduce sensitivity in the adjacent areas thereby minimizing the pain. 

If there is a single tooth that has been identified to be causing the pain then the problem can be easily solved by replacing it with an implant. Though, you should first try other available means such as the use of a specialized type of toothpaste aimed at reducing sensitivity.

  • It enhances the aesthetic appeal

Since it is customized it can be presented in such a way that it provides an almost perfect look in terms of shape, size, and color of the crown. In addition, other materials like gold and silver can be used to give it an elegant look.

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What are some of the disadvantages?

  • The process is delicate

It must be done with a high level of precision to avoid interfering with the dental structure. A small mistake can lead to irreversible nerve damage or even mess up with the jawbone hence affecting other teeth. If the surgery is not properly done the wound can also get infected. It is, therefore, vital to ensure that the process is done in an approved facility by an expert.


  • It is expensive

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most expensive forms of dentistry. This can be attributed to the cost of the materials and level of expertise required to successfully do the job. 

Also, the requirements are different for each person based on factors such as oral health and bone quality to mention but a few. 

One might need extra measures or medical procedures to help get them ready and suited for the surgery. This will end up increasing the total cost of the whole undertaking.

  • It is risky for people with underlying medical conditions

For people suffering from conditions such as osteoporosis and diabetes it bears more risk than for a completely healthy individual. Thus this can hinder them from undergoing the surgery.


Dental implants offer a great solution for people who lack some teeth or are having dental problems that can be resolved by removing the actual tooth and replacing it with an artificial one. It provides efficiency, durability, and aesthetic appeal hence is a boost to the general condition of the dental structure. Nevertheless, one should be careful when undergoing such a procedure because it is delicate and can result in huge complications if not conducted properly. Take your time to choose the right facility and practitioner who has adequate expertise and experience.


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